Play Santa for a child in need! It’s not too late!

Okay, okay.  I probably say this a lot..I can’t be sure at this point amid writing novels and tallying and registering, etc etc.  It’s very hard being an elf at the North Pole sometimes!  Anyway, the reason for this post is to let you guys know about Random Acts of Christmas on reddit.  We still have lots of children in need of gifts to open on Christmas morning and I’m hoping that by making a post here, we might have more Santas piling in to get those last minute gifts out.

Tomorrow is the 22nd, which will be the last day for PRIME items to go out and make it to kiddies everywhere by Christmas Eve.

YES-we have encouraged parents to pick PRIME ELIGIBLE ITEMS. (FREE 2 day shipping, baby!)

Basically…read a post and if you feel like giving to a child, you can click on their wishlist and purchase a present to be sent to their home for them to open on Christmas morning.  And hey…we get some REALLY awesome pictures on Christmas morning, okay?  Here are a few from last year:


Also be sure to check out our facebook page!


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