Playlist for The Descendants Series


Okay, so I decided I would share the music that has helped The Descendants Series transform into 2 and 1/2 books. I say 1/2 because book #3 is nearing completion and I hope to have it out to you guys soon!  So without further interruption, allow me to list out the music that has inspired me while creating Heidi and Isaiah’s adventure.

Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Baby

Are you honestly surprised that this song makes the list?  It’s got Isaiah written ALL over it!

Christina Perri- A Thousand Years (cover by The Piano Guys)

I use a variation of this song for nearly every novel I write, but this particular cover belongs solely to Isaiah and Heidi, or as I have officially deemed their ship name; Heidiaiah.

Glee-Girl on Fire

Okay, honestly? It’s just something about Naya’s voice.  But OF COURSE this song makes it onto the playlist for Heidi.  She IS on fire…all the time.


VNV Nation-Illusion

I’m really not sure WHY this song makes it onto the list, but for some reason I feel a huge part of it can be an influence on Isaiah’s thoughts.  He always has an inward battle, and his need for saving Heidi overcomes everything else.  It also really relates to how he’s viewing himself throughout The Water King’s Bride.

Ellie Goulding-Dead in The Water

I don’t think it’s a secret that I absolutely love Ellie Goulding.  She has inspired a lot of scenes in both The Descendants Series AND Blood Betrayal, but this particular song really stood out to me while I was writing scenes involving Heidi and King Adrian.  She was drowning without the assistance of his power, and she was hoping-no, praying for someone to burst through the doors to save her.

Flight Facilities- Crave You

Yeah..I’ll just go ahead and admit that between this song and A Thousand Years, the last chapter of TWKB really came together.


Idina Menzel-Let It Go

Okay, so I just recently watched “Frozen”, and this song kills me in the best way possible.  Of course, Isaiah gets jealous because he says the movie should be about him…but I’m ignoring that.  This song is AMAZING and the movie is BRILLIANT.  This scene and the lyrics alone have helped me along the rocky road of creation that is The Ice King’s Heart.  Of all the songs, this one is my favorite right now.

If you’d like to learn more about the Descendants Series, you can check them out on!

The Fire King’s Daughter|The Water King’s Bride

Also feel free to check out my facebook fanpage.

Happy reading!


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