Character Interview With Isaiah From The Descendants Series

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Isaiah.  I have a few questions for him from fans on my facebook page, but the rest will be completely spontaneous.  Please bear with me, because this could get wild-and fast.


Hello, Isaiah! Thanks for stopping by to do an interview with me today.  How are you?

[Kicks back in a chair and stretches out his long legs] I’m tired. It’s too bloody early to be doing something like this, but since I live in your head, I’m pretty sure I don’t have the option of backing out.

Well, I’m grateful that you’ve agreed to do this interview.  You do realize that some of my readers are BIG fans of you, right?

[Grins] Well they’d be out of their minds not to be a fan of me.  I’m awesome.

Yes..yes, you are awesome.  I agree with that!  So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about you?

[Scratches the back of his neck, thinking for a moment] Well, my name is Isaiah, which you already know.  I’m twenty, but don’t mistake that for human years.  I’m actually pretty old if we’re going by your calendar.  I’m the prince of Icardia, or erm, I was.  I don’t know what I am anymore now that I think about it….

Oh, right.  Some things went down between you and Dad, right?  Have you guys patched things up by chance?

[Rolls his eyes] You know better than that.  We’re still on the outs and I don’t see a peaceful resolve in our future. He screwed up royally-pun intended.

I’m sorry.  I know that’s a sensitive topic for you right now.  How about Heidi?  How are things going with our favorite Fire princess?

Ehhh, I think they’re good? I mean, what else do you expect with the current situation?  Heidi’s a pretty brilliant person and I admire her strength.  We’ve been through a lot in a very short amount of time and I’m seriously impressed with her capabilities of handling it all.  Truth be told, I’d like to think things are going well for us, in terms of whatever we are.

     We’ve officially given you guys a ship name.  We call you Hedaiah.  What do you think about that?

A ship what? Hedaiah?  OH! I get it!  You’ve put our names together, haven’t you?  That’s clever.  I approve.

Thanks!  Oh! I have some questions for you from your fans.  Would you like to answer them?

Yeah, sure. I’ll give it a go.

Okay, great.  The first question comes from Annie.  She would like to know if you’ve ever wished you were a person of Fire instead of Ice?

[stares] No. Absolutely not.  I admit I’ve not always been as appreciative of them as I should be, but it’s never crossed my mind that I need to be someone other than who I was born as.  I’m very proud of being an Icer-or at least I was.  I know that it’s up to me now to right the wrongs of my father, and should the day come in which I finally take the throne, I’ll make Gaia proud of my kind again.

Speaking of ‘your kind’, I know that Icers and Winter people come from the Moon.  What makes the Icers different from the Winter people?

I wouldn’t say there’s much of a difference at all.  We are all responsible for bringing Winter to the worlds.  I suppose it’s like asking you about people who live in different countries and speak with languages, or in different accents.  You’re slightly different, but you all have beating hearts, right?  You all work towards the common goal of world peace and being kind to one another-or at least I hope so.  Actually, I’ve not seen too much of that lately.  Some humans are downright terrible.

I know they are…sorry about that.  If I could bring about world peace, I would!  Okay.  So another random question to toss in.  What is your accent, exactly?  I know Brison is Australian, right?

[scoffs] Nobody gives a [censored] about Brison.  But to answer your question, I’ve been told I have a British accent with a mix of something else.  I don’t think I talk any differently than any other Moon person, really.

Interesting! See, I didn’t know that. We’re making progress.  Here’s another fan question.  This one is from Sarah.  She wants to know how you really feel about Heidi. Was the passionate kiss you shared really just a drunken deal? Or is there something more?

Oh, come on. You already know this.  It was definitely more than just a drunken kiss.  I tried to play it off cool, but we all know the truth here.  The way I feel about Heidi is how an Icer feels about cold weather.  I can’t be without her.  Don’t take me for being a softy though.  And is this Sarah the human girl that Heidi’s friends with?  Or a different one?

A different one.

Oh. Okay then. Just wanted to be sure about that.

No problem.  Okay, Isaiah.  We’re almost done, I promise.  But I do have another question or two for you.  Annie would also like to know if you’d ever want to be a normal human being?

[stares again] Uhh, no.  Definitely not.  Being a Descendant has its perks and I couldn’t see being without my powers.  Don’t get me wrong, I love humans.  I love watching them interact and bicker and I occasionally ponder what’s so [censored] fascinating about cat videos on the internet…but I don’t think I’d last long as a human for the simple fact I would be far too bored.  It’s not my thing.

Okay, okay. I get it.  We’re not as ‘cool’ as you.  Pamijo would like to know if you’d like to have dinner and a movie with her.

     [chuckles] Well, I’m fairly sure she’d need to get permission from a certain Warmer.  Something tells me Heidi wouldn’t be very keen on the idea seeing as I’ve not even taken her to dinner yet.  But maybe I could take her for a movie if she’d like.  There’s a new movie out called Frozen.  That should’ve been my movie, you know.

I know, I KNOW. Trust me, I’ve heard you bicker about it for days.  Do you think you could out-ice Elsa?

[Snorts] Are you kidding me?  Is that a legitimate question right now?

…Never mind.  Okay, Isaiah. I thank you SO much for taking the time to talk to me this morning!  I’ll let you go back to sleep now.  We have A LOT of writing to do after Christmas.

[blinks] Christmas?  Oh! That’s right.  You humans celebrate that, don’t you?  I know Aneira gets very eager for that holiday and so do the Yeti.  I’ve never really figured out why…  I hope you have a Happy Christmas and the readers, too. me a favor when you get back to writing, okay?  Don’t poison me again.  Or have me stabbed.  Or anything like that.  I’d like it a lot if you’d just let me get the girl and call it a day.  Thanks.

..Oh, Isaiah.  We shall see.  

To read more about Isaiah, Heidi, and the gang, you can check out The Fire King’s Daughter (book #1) and The Water King’s Bride (book #2) available on Amazon!


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