This is a shot in the dark, but still, a shot.

So after serious debate, I decided to set up a Go Fund Me page after speaking to several friends and fellow creative minds.  I mean, I really thought about it because accepting another person’s money for something so seemingly unimportant is well, very important to me.  Being an Indie Author is hard at times (but so much fun!), and it can get expensive.

Editors are expensive-and for good reason!  They ensure that our books are prim and proper and the absolute best they can be, but still, it doesn’t mean a rinky drinky indie can afford the price of perfection.  Most of the estimates I’ve received are up to $300 a manuscript-shew!  However, there  are a few amazing editors on Facebook who offer payment plans, and my hat is off to you, wonderful ladies and gents. 😉

Cover that is an entirely different thing altogether.  Some of the covers I’ve come across in the past are absolutely mind blowing-and we’re not talking about a photoshopped picture, we’re talking about handpainted-hours-have-been-put-into-this-pure-raw-talent pictures.  I envy those who can create such masterpieces, and the prices make me weep.  However, I totally understand why an artist would charge $500+ for such a crafted, glorious painting.  They are gorgeous!  Have you ever taken the time to look at digital art?  Again, it’s so brilliant and lovely, but I just can’t afford those prices either.

I’m rambling and totally getting off track here, but the point is, I’ve created a Go Fund Me page for anyone who would be interested in helping me pursue my dream of being an Indie Author.  All proceeds would go towards editing, cover photos, and SWAG.  In return, I’ve got bookmarks and I’m offering ebooks.  Eventually, I’ll be offering signed paperbacks, too, and I will most certainly be including a thank you in the beginning of one of my novels. : )

Blah blah, I talk a lot.  I’m exhausted from the triple shifts I’ve been pulling at the North Pole, so I’ll end this now.

There are many great causes out there that hard earned money should go towards, but I guess I’m still holding out for the Robert DeNiro to my Ethan Hawke. xx


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