A character interview with Heidi from The Descendants Series



Everyone seemed to enjoy Isaiah’s interview so much, I decided to do one with Heidi.  This one should not have any reason to be censored, thankfully.  As you know, Heidi is one of the main characters in the Descendants Series.  She faced off with a surprising enemy in The Fire King’s Daughter, and narrowly escaped a loveless marriage in The Water King’s Bride.  Let’s see what she has to say, shall we?

Hello, Heidi! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me.  How are you?

Hello! Oh, thank you so much for having me.  I’m quite well at the moment, thank you.

So polite.  I have a few questions for you and some are from the readers.  Is that okay with you?

Oh, yes!  I’d love to answer some questions.

Great!  So, Heidi, the first question I want to ask is how are you fairing after what happened in Oceavora?  Did that traumatize you?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I am traumatized.  I’m quite grateful I was able to get out of that marriage.  I mean, I would have gone through with it to save my father and people, but I am very relieved that more options were granted to me before it was too late.

I bet.  That Adrian guy seemed like a real terror, even if it turned out to be entirely different from what we thought.  I know you got pretty close to Mez.  Can you tell us why?

Mez is a darling.  My heart went out to her immediately.  I mean, wouldn’t you pity a poor girl who was thrust into such circumstances?  Her situation was just as bad as mine, and I only wanted to help her.  I wanted to help everyone.  There was so much going on at once, I can’t quite recall how it happened word for word.  I’m just grateful that it’s over.

I am, too.  I’m sorry you had to go through it in the first place.  (clears throat) So, in the next book, you’re venturing back to Earth to save Sarah from an unknown enemy.  Now that you’re on earth, I know you must be so homesick.  Barbara would like to know if there’s anything else you miss when you’re away from Flameldos?

Oh Gaia, yes.  I miss a lot of things when I’m not at home. You see, I was very much sheltered before all of this started happening. I wasn’t used to being away from my father or our castle.  Adjusting to life on earth for those few months nearly drove me mental, and Isaiah didn’t help matters at all. [Laughs gently] But I find that I miss honey milk the most, and the company of my father.

Interesting, interesting.  I can totally understand why you miss your dad and your palace.  Barbara would also like to know if you’d ever consider visiting Florida? It’s very warm and she thinks it would be right up your alley.  You could see the ocean while you’re there.

Really? I’ve not been to Florida before.  I have heard it’s very warm, and I have a few cousins who work there year-round to ensure it stays toasty and pleasant.  I’ve meant to visit, I just haven’t had the time, you see.  When the Darksygg first attacked, my dad sending me to Earth was a drastic measure.  I’d never been there before then.  I admit, that it’s terrible, but I suppose my father never seen it as something that needed to happen so early in my life.  I would like to visit though. I’ve heard the view of the ocean is simply breathtaking.

Oh, it is.  Also, Annie would like to know how Isaiah has helped you along the way since you first arrived on Earth.  Did he help you to understand human behavior a little better?  Do you think that what you’ve learned can assist you on your own planet?  Or maybe even with your own personal growth?

[Bites her lip and blushes a little] Oh heavens.  Those are some pretty powerful questions, I think.  I mean, when I think about it, Isaiah absolutely got beneath my skin while we were on earth the first time.  I couldn’t stand him, if I’m honest.  He always annoyed me and sometimes I contemplated setting him on fire, but there towards the end, he really did help me a lot.  I would never openly admit that he taught me more about the humans, and I think that’s because of how involved he was with the females there.  Oh, should I even mention Edie?  She was simply awful! I never really understood what he ever saw in that horrible woman.   I’m getting off track, I’m sorry.  Yes, he did help me understand human behavior, and I believe these are all lessons that I can benefit from once I become queen, though I assure you that my people are nothing like the ones that grace the earth.  We are an entirely different species from one another.  Humans have the capability of being cruel, and any true follower of Gaia would never allow wickedness into their hearts.   As far as my own personal growth, I’d like to think Isaiah and other things have helped me grow a great deal more.  I feel like I’ve aged a century’s worth of time since things happened with Edie….

I’m sorry. I know she’s a difficult subject for you Heidi.  I’ll try to keep the questions light now.  Tell me, has Lille always been someone in your life, or was the instance in your bedroom the first time you met her?

Oh, Lille.  I simply love Lille!  I think..perhaps she was a part of my life when I was a very young child. I think she and my mother visited one another often since they were friends in childhood, but I can’t really remember that far back.  In the dorm room, when she showed up out of nowhere…it’s not as random as I thought.  Lille has been my guardian since birth and she has always watched over me.  She just didn’t reveal herself until one of my greatest moments of need-I am grateful for that.  I’m grateful for her, and Pike.

Pike is quite the character, isn’t he?  Does he still have a tendency to bop you on the nose?

Only when I deserve it, I think. [Laughs]

Speaking of Ice fairies and Icers in general, Annie would like to know if you’d ever like to be an Ice princess?  I know it’s possible, right?  Your grandmother transformed into a Fire princess after she fell in love with your grandfather, right?

Yes, she did.  She was an Ice maiden and they fell in love almost instantly.  He favored her over another princess, and though others weren’t pleased with his decision, he stood firm.  Once they married and she gave herself to him completely, she gained the powers of the Sun.  It’s quite a beautiful love story.

So if she gained the powers of the Sun, did she lose her powers of the Moon?

[blinks and thinks for a moment] You know…I’m not really sure.  I’ve yet to have the chance to even tell my father of my true heritage and that is really nerve wrecking.

Do you really think your father will disown you just because you’re a..what is it? A Halfling?

That is the correct term.  A child of the Sun and the Moon.  My mother was the first of her kind, I think.  At least, that’s what I’m led to believe as I have never met another Halfling aside from Edie and myself.

    That’s right! Edie was a half Earth and half Fire person. Geez.  My memory likes to fail me.   Have you spoken to any other Earth people about her?  Do they hold ill feelings towards you for her death?

Oh gracious no.  I’ve not spoken to hardly anyone since that happened.  Isaiah and Pike took care of that mess for me, and so much has happened since then.  When things quiet down, I will most certainly find any family she has left and apologize to them for things ending as they did. It wasn’t my fault.  She was going to kill Isaiah and his life took priority over hers.  Is that terrible to say?

Not at all. I mean, you sort of like the guy, don’t you?

Sort of, I suppose you could say.  He’s changed since then, and so have I.  Isaiah is an entirely different person today, but I think I am, too.

Well, I can imagine you’ve both changed for the better.  You seem stronger and wiser now.  But here’s another interesting question from Annie.  Don’t you, just once, wish you could behave like Isaiah does?

That is a very good question indeed, but I’ve never felt the need to run wild as he has often demonstrated in the past.  I try very hard to do what I think my mother would do.  I want to make her and my father proud, so I always have that little voice in my mind, reminding me that I need to behave like a princess-and someday, as a queen.  I never want to do anything that brings shame to my father’s crown.  I’m not entirely a prude!  I do like to have fun, but I don’t think I’d ever do half the things Isaiah has done in his lifetime.  I play it safe, but not too safe.  Given what’s happened in the last short while, I can’t afford to be careless, but I also don’t want to become so cautious that I never know the meaning of having fun.  Does that make sense?

It sure does.  Wow! What an interview.  Thank you so much for stopping in with us, Heidi.  I need to get back to writing on book #3 soon, so I’ll see you there.

Thank you for having me.  I would say I look forward to book #3, but I’m a little nervous about what you have in store for me.

You’ll just have to wait and see, your highness.

That is what I’m afraid of.


To learn more about Heidi, Isaiah, and the gang, you can check them out in The Fire King’s Daughter and The Water King’s Bride-available on Amazon!




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