An Interview With Yours Truly.

I would like to keep my blog as active as possible, and since I don’t have anything else going on at the moment, I thought an interview would be fun!  I have enlisted the help of my friends, family, and readers to gather questions that I’m going to answer-so I hope you enjoy getting to know me and all about my books.



Question:  At what age did you realize that you wanted to write instead of just reading other people’s stories?

Answer:  You know, I have answered this a million times and the answer changes every time.  I don’t have the best memory when it comes to recalling things from my childhood, but I do in fact remember writing A LOT as a kid, and I had so many stories that are kept stored away in notebooks.  Two stories that really stand out to me were written between the ages of 8 and 11.  I remember my Hanson fan fiction better than anything else, and I wrote that when I was in 6th grade.  So somewhere in that area is a safe bet for when I knew I had a special talent and my passion for writing started to grow.  I still read other people’s stories –all the time in fact, but I was definitely still a kiddo when I realized I wanted to be a writer and share my tales with other people.

Question: Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Answer: That’s what I love about facebook!  I talk to my readers on a daily basis and most of the time we’re just talking like old friends do.  I do get the occasional message saying “I love this book!” Or “When is book #3 coming?!”, though I have to admit my most favorite message recently was from a girl who just finished Blood Betrayal and the message literally said “holy sh@%.”  I laughed for a good while after that.  My readers make my day with the small things.

Question: Does anyone in your family read your work?

Answer:  I think about this a lot.  I worry about this a lot.  It makes you nervous when you realize the stories you’ve written (especially very incredibly inappropriate naughty things!) could potentially be read by someone who used to change your diapers or babysit you, but the fact is, I’m not a little kid anymore.  I just turned 28 in November and everyone needs to realize I’m not exactly innocent.  I would really love it if my family read my stories, but I know the entire time they would be thinking “our baby Tonya wrote this.”  Not a baby anymore, family!  I have often wondered how writers such as EL James deal with the possibility of her family reading her work.  I have already experienced what happens when someone reads a novel of mine that involves a lot of sex, and then they tell me face to face they read it.  My face goes red.

Question: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Answer: I’m a movie buff.  I love movies and I love tv shows.  I also enjoy music and spending time with my niece and nephew.  I have a few tv shows I keep up with religiously.  The Vampire Diaries and The Originals probably aren’t all that surprising, but I also enjoy American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Teen Wolf <3, and the recently ended Misfits.  I’ll miss you, Rudy.

Question: Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Answer:  Information wise, Google is my best friend.  If someone is seriously tracking every search I’ve done on that website, I’m very surprised I’ve not been took in for questioning yet!  I’m sure other authors can relate to that- I have asked for some really –creepy- info in the past, but how else am I supposed to know how to decapitate a person?  It’s all for the sake of research, FBI! I promise! Hahahaha.  As far as ideas go, they can be so random.  I don’t really get many ideas from dreams.  I’ve drawn inspiration from music videos, real life events, and things people have said in my presence.  The Descendants Series, for instance, was finally a success after many, many, -many- failed attempts at writing a Fantasy novel.  I honestly just wanted to know if I was capable of it-and it finally happened!  I’ve always loved fantasy and I wanted to make a world of my own.  Who knew it would grow into a universe, huh?

Question: How long do you write for on any given day?

Answer: That varies.  Sometimes I can write for 12 hours straight if my muse is being kind enough.  There are other days when I barely manage 15 minutes.  I don’t try to force it on myself because that always backfires.  On average, I would say I dedicate 4-6 hours to writing when my muse behaves and I’m focused on where I want to go with the story.

Question: What are your best times for writing?

Answer: I have learned that I write best in the early morning.  I usually start about 7:30ish or so and that can last until 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Question: Do you brainstorm before writing or does it just flow?

Answer: I am most certainly what they call a free writer.  The only brainstorming I do is when I’m fleshing out my characters.  Name, age, species, etc.  Every day is Christmas when I start writing on a story.  I have a general idea of how I want it to end, and that’s it.  Anything that happens between point A and point B is simply a surprise for us all!

Question: How long does it take for you to write a book?

Answer: It can take between a week and half a year for me. It depends on how motivated I am and what’s happening in my personal life.

Question: Anne Rice or Bram Stoker?

Answer: How dare you.

Question: How many books do you plan to write for The Descendants Series?  The Blood Betrayal Series?

Answer:  Right now, I’m pretty confident that The Descendants Series will be at least 5 books.  Don’t hold me to that, but that’s just how I’m feeling right now.  As far as the Blood Betrayal series goes, it’ll be over when the fat lady sings!

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  1. The question about your family reading your work?
    We would have VERY similar answers to that one. XD

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