An Excerpt From The Ice King’s Heart, book #3 in The Descendants Series


Before you read anything further, you need to know there are

If you’ve not read The Fire King’s Daughter or The Water King’s Bride, you’re practically a time lord and jumping through time (CHEATER). But that’s okay.  I am posting this with a clear conscience that you’ve read those books, and if you haven’t, you will!  Now, this is simply an excerpt because I want to share a steamy scene with Sinfully Good Books *YUM*, and The Ice King’s Heart will be ready for release in late January or early February.

With that said, you may proceed to the steaminess!


   “What’s the matter?” Isaiah asked after another moment of silence passed by.  “Something’s bugging you-what is it?”

“Nothing,” Heidi replied as she heaved a sigh and rolled over to face him.  She pressed her knee against his, and well, that felt strange-Oh!  He wasn’t wearing any pants. Oh, sweet Juniper.

“Don’t lie to me,” Isaiah mumbled as he pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose.  “I can always tell when you’re lying, Heidikin.”

Oh, how nice it was to hear that nickname again.  He didn’t say it enough these days.  Then again, he used to say it back then only to irritate her, and one had to wonder if a man stopped trying to annoy a woman once he’d fallen in love with her.

That’s right, she smiled inwardly.  He’s in love with me.  He’s said it before.

     Well, he sort of said it, at least.  ‘I think I’m in love’ counted as a confession, right?

It was incredibly difficult to think about anything when his lips found her neck, and Heidi shivered as her eyes closed.  Just what did he think he was doing?  They needed to use this time to plan out an attack, or rest.  They needed to be doing anything other than what he was trying to initiate right now!  But oh, she liked it.  She liked it so much that it made her body ache with pure, unadulterated desire.

As his hot tongue swiped over her collarbone, Heidi groaned.  “What do you think you’re doing?” She asked in a soft pant of breath.

“Taking your mind off things,” Isaiah whispered against her scorching skin.  And oh, what a grand job he was doing as his cool fingers slid down her arm.

Goosebumps appeared wherever he touched, and Heidi squirmed against him as his mouth closed over the pulse point on the left side of her neck.  She sighed contently, her fingertips resting upon his large bicep as he nipped lightly.

It seemed as if he did that for hours-maybe even an eternity.  His mouth worshipped her neck and shoulders as if they were a delectable candy he couldn’t get enough of.  Her eyes remained closed as he let his tongue drag up the column of her throat before his mouth sealed over hers in a passionate kiss.

Yes, fine.  She could get used to this.  She wanted to learn and experiment-she really did-but she needed to focus on Sarah right now.  Poor Sarah, who was probably so scared and alone right now, terrified of what was going to happen.  Heidi needed to be there.  She needed to—

“Oh!” She gasped, arching her back as his large palm cupped her aching breast, squeezing it diligently over the fabric of her t-shirt as he sucked at her lower lip.  He tugged the tender flesh and released it, breathing heavily against her kiss swollen petals as his traced his thumb over the hardening bud of her nipple.

“Are you distracted yet?” He asked quietly.

Words failed her at the moment, so all she could manage was a quick nod of her head as she felt one of his legs slipping between both of hers.  She wasn’t sure what he was trying to do now, but glorious Gaia, he could do whatever he wanted.  She wouldn’t say no.  How could she?  Isaiah was perfect and wonderful and he made her feel such exceptional things.  How had they managed to bicker for so long without realizing how scalding the chemistry between them could be?

She wasn’t sure when or how it happened, but her shirt was gone and Isaiah’s lips were getting dangerously close to the throbbing peak of her nipple.  She bit her lower lip and tried to be as quiet as possible as his eager mouth captured it.  Oh!  That mind blowing suction.  She felt the tip of his tongue flick against the sensitive nub as she clawed at his arm.  He must’ve taken it as a sign that it felt good, because he only applied more pressure as her mind went blank and not another thought entered it.  Nothing could possibly disrupt the beautifully agonizing attention he was giving her body.  Nothing.

…Except for that.  Isaiah’s cold fingers made their way into her pants-something she didn’t wear often, actually-and she felt as his curious fingertips traced over the apex of her thigh, dipping beneath the fabric of her knickers from time to time as tingles shot through her abdomen.  Warmth pooled between her thighs as she squirmed, whimpering softly for whatever he wanted to give her.  Oh, what wonderful gifts he could give her, she just knew it.

Isaiah’s teeth grazed over her nipple before he kissed his way back up her neck, finding her mouth easily as his tongue slid into her hot cavern for a sampling.  He groaned in satisfaction as his fingers slipped into her silk undies, and for the first time since he started this, Heidi’s eyes flew open. She pulled back a little, gazing at him like a deer caught in headlights.

His fingers immediately stilled as he gazed at her.  “What is it?” He asked.  His blue eyes were considerably darker, and they didn’t do much to mask the carnal desire that was so easily readable in his ocean hues.  He searched her face, frowning a little.  “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” Heidi responded as her cheeks flushed.  She was tripping over her words as she offered him a nervous smile.  “Everything’s perfect.”

Isaiah sighed as he rested his forehead against hers, his eyes refusing to look away as he grinned a bit.  “You’re lying again,” he stated simply.  “Do you want to stop?”

“What?” Heidi was nearly horrified as she stared at him.  “No! Of course I don’t want to stop.  That’s absolutely ridiculous.”

“Is it?” He questioned as his fingers brushed against the ultra-sensitive flesh between her thighs.  Heidi nearly unraveled right then and there as she bit back a moan.  Her body wanted to explode in perfect rapture as those wicked little fingers slowly circled around her button.  “I know you’ve never done anything like this before,” he added after a moment.

“Says who?” Heidi replied, a bit offended that he would think she was that innocent.  So what if it was true?

“Says me,” a deep rumble of laughter bubbled from his chest as his fingers pressed harder against her and he bumped his nose against hers.  “You’ve remained untouched until this very moment, haven’t you?”

Heidi’s breath hitched in her throat, her hips moving to their own accord as she closed her eyes.  Merciful Gaia, did he have to interrogate her while he was doing that?  She tried to keep the sounds from escaping as something beautiful began building up inside of her.  Oh dash it.  Who cared if he was right?  Who cared that he knew?  All that mattered right now was that he kept doing what he was doing, or there was a possibility that she would die right on the spot.

“Isaiah,” she groaned quietly, feeling as he quickened the pace.  He touched her with such precision and skill-but why wouldn’t he?  She knew Isaiah was far from innocent.  During their time on earth, he’d had more than his fair share of lovely human girls-and despite the fact she felt a twinge of jealousy over them having experienced Isaiah in such an intimate manner-maybe she needed to thank them.

“You’re mine,” Isaiah whispered in a deep, husky voice.  He caught her gaze and held it as her body began to tremble.  “I am the first and only man who will ever touch you, Heidi.”

Oh Gaia, she didn’t care if another man ever touched her, as long as he kept touching her like this!  She fisted the sheets in one hand, and dug her nails into his shoulder with the other as her stomach tightened like a spring.  She released muffled mewls of pleasure as she got closer, and closer, and then finally it happened.  Heidi felt as if she’d stepped out of the earth’s atmosphere and was skyrocketing straight towards the sun.

She was shooting past the stars-she could see them quite vividly-and the heat of the sun was enveloping her in the sweetest of embraces as her voice echoed around the room.  Never-never ever- had she experienced anything so lovely!

She collapsed against the bed, sucking in as much air as she could as her body trembled from whatever had just taken place.  Oh, she knew what it was.  She wasn’t, by any means, stupid.  Heidi was well aware of what happened between a man and a woman.  She had been waiting for it to happen to her for such a long time.  And it happened with Isaiah of all people!

As she attempted to catch her breath, Isaiah’s mouth found every inch of skin possible to kiss and lick.  She smiled lazily, curling into him as her hands slid down his back.  His words echoed in her mind, and Heidi didn’t really mind it all that much.

‘You’re mine.’

As they lay there, holding each other and attempting to fight off sleep-which eventually won, anyway-Heidi couldn’t help but to smile as she listened to his strong heartbeat.


Yes, she was.  There was no denying it.

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