Cover Reveal and Blurb for my new novella, Transition

As I sit here drinking a mixture of hot chocolate and coffee on this frigid morning, I am excited to share with you the cover and blurb that go with my new novella, Transition.

Yes, it’s true. This novella was meant to be a Halloween themed short story, but there are a couple of factors between why it’s being published in January.  1. I don’t do well with short stories.  Every time I aim to write 20k words or less, I fail.  It’s not possible.  It seems I’m not really capable of writing anything below 50k aside from Blood Betrayal: Lilith and Blood Betrayal: Jamen.  It’s hard, okay?  I really do try to write shorter things these days-I swear!  And 2. I got slightly distracted during October and let’s face it, I do not work well with deadlines at all.  It gets done when it gets done and I just need to learn to accept that. -sigh-

Anyway, I am very happy that I can finally share the cover and blurb with you guys.  This particular story was meant to go into the Paranormal category seeing as we’re dealing with ghosts…but you’re going to be surprised.  Is there truly a way to breed Paranormal and Fantasy?  Pantasy?  Fantanormal?  I like Fantanormal…

Anyway, this story is somewhere around 28k words, and there are a lot of aspects I enjoy about it.  Once again, I have created characters that could pass for ordinary people.  They may feel like people you know in everyday life-and that’s one thing I am known for.  I like creating relatable characters because I feel that’s an important thing to do.  We should always be able to relate to the characters, yes?


Also, I’m beyond psyched that I’ve once again molded a new fictional town in Kentucky.

I am rambling and I blame it on the coffee.  Right now, Transition is in the hands of my trusty Beta readers and I will be eagerly going back to fix anything they didn’t like.  Gosh, I appreciate you Betas more than you can know!

In the mean time, I’ve gone back to Kadenburg, and if you don’t know anything about that….well, you will soon enough. ; )

Without further adieu, my beloved readers, I give you the cover and blurb for Transition.


From the moment we are born, we accept that a day will come when our lives must end.

     That is not the case for 23 year old Ren Croswell.

     Ren died a few short months before his 24th birthday and he’s been stuck in the Colgrove cemetery for the past five years.  He’s made some friends and it’s not all that bad, but there is one thing that won’t settle in his restless soul; he isn’t supposed to be dead.

     23 year old Hannah Benoit moved to Colgrove, Kentucky in hopes of escaping her past.  One can only handle being ‘the girl who sees ghosts’ for so long.  This new town will give her a clean slate and a fresh start, but nothing can prepare her for what she’s about to find.

     On Halloween, the one day of the year when Ren can walk among the living, everything will change.  Death promised him it would be different this year, but there’s no possible way Ren could’ve known the true reason for his sudden and mistaken demise.  Hannah will discover that her blessing of a curse was given to her for a reason, and they will both find what they’ve been looking for this entire time; the truth, and each other.

     You won’t see it coming.


And there it is!  What do you guys think?  I particularly enjoy the cover for this story.  I have once again called upon the delicious muse-ly goodness that is my childhood friend, Justin Terry.  I normally just use his handsome mug on covers, but this picture caught my eye and I soon decided it was perfect.

The blurb, as always, is subject to change.  Heaven knows I’m indecisive on these things, but it conveys the general idea of what the story is about.

Stay tuned, readers! (AND STAY WARM!)

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**BONUS** The most awesome review I’ve ever received.


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