I am doing my first ever radio interview this morning. Wish me luck!

So this is me right now.


I am a nervous wreck.  At 10 AM EST, I will be on the air with CL GAMMON and I’m terrified I will be a stammering mess.  I’ve listened to countless other interviews he’s done with other authors and I’m still not prepared. >.<

With my nerves aside though, I did want to put up the information one more time.

HERE is the link for the show, where you can listen to it live or at a later time.

The number to call if you want to ask a question is:  (1-347-989-8948)


I am ready, and I hope you will listen in today.  We’ll be discussing The Fire King’s Daughter and everything in between.

Shew. Let’s do this.

The Fire King’s Daughter | The Water King’s Bride | Blood Betrayal | GoFundMe | Facebook



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  1. Good luck! Loved your images. They made me smile.

  2. Woohoo!! I’ll will definitely be listening in!! Don’t worry, you will be great. Good luck!!

  3. You’re going to be GREAT! Breathe baby breathe!

  4. Hope your show went well. I’d be interested in interviewing you in a much less nerve-wracking blog interview. I have a small blog and I’m beginning a series of interviews with indie authors. here is the link to the first interview in the series. If you’d like to be the second, email me at ivleaguekeri@gmail.com.

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