A Saturday post brought to you by yours truly

Well, I’ve got the first draft of The Truth about Kadenburg into the hands of my trusty betas.  I know they will let me know what they like and what they hate-that’s why I love them so much.  I’m particularly eager for this series.  I’d like to think (once again), that I’m bringing something new to the table.  It’s actually really ironic how I just meant to write a short story retelling the age old tale of Goldilocks and The Three Bears….oops.

Aside from writing like a lunatic lately, I’ve grouped up with some classmates to start planning our 10 year reunion.  My god, has it been ten years? -looks at the snazzy Teen Wolf calendar I got for Christmas-  Why yes..yes, the year is 2014.  WHERE DOES TIME GO?

I am a very proud graduate from the class of 2004 at Corbin High School.  If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because a movie was filmed here in early 2012 based on a very true story.  23 Blast should be making the rounds soon (fingers crossed!) But here’s a gif of Max Adler, who starred in it (and who I met SEVERAL times during the filming), expressing exactly how I feel about all this:


Sheesh. Ten years…I can’t believe it.

Of course I’m excited to see my classmates again.  We were hellions back in the day.  I’m fairly sure the teachers were happy to see us go…..

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Today is a GREAT day.  I’ve had several classmates ask about my books and I am more than happy to tell them all about Isaiah, Heidi, Jude, and countless others.  It’s such an incredible feeling.  I really can’t find the words to describe how happy it makes me.

I’m rambling again. I do that a lot.

I should probably get back to writing on book #2 in The Kadenburg Shifters Series…and book #3 in The Descendants Series…..and book #3 in The Blood Betrayal Series…

….let’s not even think about the other stories I need to start on.


Happy Saturday!


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