You like me. You really like me!

Well, friends, the day has finally arrived.

When I started my facebook page, I honestly never saw myself getting to 100 likes, but it happened.

While busily writing away on my novels, those numbers grew ever so slowly and I thought, “Nah, that’ll never happen.”

Before I knew it, 500 likes came and went, and then 700 seemingly over night.  And now…


Yes, that is correct.  I cannot believe it.

How did this happen?

Are there really that many people out there that enjoy reading my stories?  Do they cherish my characters as I do?  Do they weep at the sad scenes and laugh at the sarcasm so many of my characters have inherited from me?

Yes. Yes, they do.  I couldn’t be more  humble and grateful than I am in this very moment.

It’s never been about popularity to me.  Quality over quantity I always say, but still…to have close to 1,000 fans means a lot in its own way.  Does it mean I’m growing as a writer? Yes.  Does it mean more people are sharing my work with their friends? Yes.  Does it make me the giddiest indie author in the world right now? YES.

I can’t thank you all enough.  This means so much to me.

I’m so glad that I can share my passion with you, and I’ll be doing something special very soon to celebrate with everybody.

In the meantime, I am planning a release party for The Truth about Kadenburg, and I’d love to have more authors that would like to takeover/donate goodies to the cause.  It’s the first party I’ve ever thrown for myself and I’d like to get as many involved as I can.  So if you’d be interested, please fill out this form.  I’ll be in touch.

Again, thank you all.  You’ve made my night, my week, and my life. xx

Facebook | The Fire King’s Daughter | Blood Betrayal | GoFundMe


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