The stakes are rising, and so is my excitement.

So earlier this afternoon I logged onto my facebook page to find a great surprise.  Heidi, from the Descendants Series, has been nominated for Readers’ Favorite Heroine in For The Love of Books‘ Sweetheart Smackdown.  I know, right?  I can’t believe it either.  Our little princess Heidi, the hot-headed, fire-starting, stubborn-yet-so-cute-you-can’t-stand-it character that resides in my book….is on the same list as Clary freaking Fray (Mortal Instruments).

I am humbled, shocked, excited, terrified, and very delighted that this has happened.  Even if she doesn’t make it into the top 16 for the competition, I am still going to be on cloud 9 because one of my characters made that sort of impact on someone.

However, if you want to vote for Heidi, you can do so by clicking right here.

I’m so honored to be listed alongside of LL Collins, A.M. Madden, and Jo-Anna Walker.  Good luck to all of the beautiful, strong ladies being featured.



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