1 on 8: Asking my leading men about Valentine’s Day.

Oh ho ho! So I’m procrastinating again, but this time it should be pretty great! 😀 I’m asking the leading men of my novels all about Valentine’s Day.  Let’s see what kind of answers they come up with…

Jamen- The Blood Betrayal Series

Jude- The Blood Betrayal Series

Brom- The Blood Betrayal Series

Isaiah- The Descendants Series

Pike- The Descendants Series

Nate- Romance in Rodney

Lorcan- The Kadenburg Shifters Series

Dimitri- The Kadenburg Shifters Series

All right.  So let’s start with a pretty simple question.

What is your ideal date on Valentine’s Day?

Jamen: I would start the day with a surprise bouquet of roses, I believe.  I would prepare breakfast in bed and then we’d take a nice, hot shower together while I remind her of just how much she means to me.

Isaiah: Is he even allowed to say stuff like that?

Jude: I think I’d settle for some beer and giving her a massage.  Girls like that sort of thing, right?

Brom: I’d much prefer having breakfast in bed, if you know what I mean.  Is there any better way to wake up?

Pike: I’d take her to sit on a rainbow and recite poetry to her.  My lady loves poetry-and rainbows.  Then I’d take her out for lunch and get all of her favorite foods.  We’d probably sit and gaze at each other for a little while before I present a token of my affection.  Ladies love sparkly things and nothing says I love you like a new piece of jewelry.

Lorcan: Some of us can’t afford expensive jewelry, but I’d do my damnedest to show her how much she means to me.  I would take my girl out for an all day adventure.  We could go out on the river and I’ll bring a guitar.

Dimitri: Can you even play the guitar?

Lorcan: I can play a little bit.  After that, I’d take her to dinner and pull all the charming cards. I’d definitely open the door for her, pull out her seat, and allow her to order first.  After dinner, we’d go for a stroll in the moonlight and I’d kiss her senseless.  Valentine’s Day is all about romance, right?  I’d show her the best romance of her life.

Dimitri: I don’t think that romance should be squeezed into one single day of the year.  I think that when you care about somebody like that, every day should be a day of romance and showing them how much you care about them.  Don’t take your significant other for granted.  One day you might wake up and they won’t be there.

Lorcan: Well, that makes me feel bad now.

Jamen: I, too, have loved and lost.  There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Lorcan: Did you say fish?

Dimitri: You’re getting way off topic, Lorcan…

Jude: I think my serious answer would be that I’d get her something small to start off with. Just a small thing.  Maybe a four leaf clover necklace.  Then I’d take her out for dinner…which is definitely different from the kind of dinner the rest of you would eat. -ahem- But after dinner, we’d do whatever the hell we wanted to.  We can’t forget about the S-E-X.  You better be ready to love her down hard.

Jamen: I have no issues with intimacy.  My lady would be 100% satisfied, thoroughly and often.

Lorcan: Well, I’m not one to brag…

Isaiah: I am.

Dimitri: Intimacy IS important when it comes to romance, but don’t make it all about sex.  Show them how special they are.

Pike: My lady will be well taken care of in that department.  On a rainbow.  I dare you to top that.

Isaiah: Pfft.  I see your rainbow and I raise you up to the moon.  TOP THAT.

Jamen: Well, I could change the scenery to the fiery pits of Hell….

Nate: Ireland. I win.

Everyone else: Damn it.

(This was just a fun little thing I wanted to do.  I hope you enjoyed it.)


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