A message from Delilah MacLaine

‘Ello? Is this thing on?

[whispers] Just write what you want to say, Delilah.

OH. Okay then.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye! Me name’s Delilah an’ I reckon we’re goin’ to be doin’ a giveaway tomorrow in honor o’ one o’ the best days o’ the year!

What? Ye dun know what tomorrow is?  Shame on ye!  No, I am serious. If ye dun know what tomorrow is, please go smack yerself in the face so I dun have to do it.

[whispers] Delilah, be NICE.

OKAY. M’sorry.

So we’re doin’ a giveaway fer ye lads and lassies who might be interested.  What are ye gon’ ‘ave a chance at gettin’?  Have a looksie below.

Aye.  Ye get an opportunity to read more ’bout me, Jude, an’ the gang if ya so wish.  There will be three lucky winners who will receive ebook copies of Blood Betrayal, Mirela and Her Vampire, and Blood Revelations.

Oh, but that’s not all, now is it?  O’ course not! Do ya know the lass that writes ’bout me?  She LOVES giveaways an’ showin’ appreciation to her fans. SO…..

There will also be three lucky recipients o’ combo packs includin’ The Truth about Kadenburg and Return to Kadenburg.

She’s got somethin’ fun planned fer ya, so dun miss out!

Did I do good?

[whispers] You did great.  Thank you, Delilah.


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