Kadenburg, REPRESENT! With one of these snazzy shirts, of course.

Oh yes, it’s true.  I’m at it again.  And this time my genius comes in the form of an awesome shirt featuring the names of 4 beloved characters from the Kadenburg Shifters Series.  Presley, Lorcan, Dimitri, and Rutley could cover your tatas or manly chest at the low cost of $10 (and shipping).  In fact, I made these babies so dirt cheap that I’m only going to make a whopping $25 profit if we reach our goal.  TBH (to be honest), I only made them so we could all wear wicked shirts together and spread the love of Kadenburg.  It’ s not even about the money for me-LBH (let’s be honest).

What’s up with the net speak? I have no idea.  I’m in the weirdest, most wonderful mood right now.  I had to share these.  SO, if we reach the goal of 30 shirts, they will be printed!  Can we do it? Oh yes.  Yes, we can.  Why?  Because we’re awesome.

Click HERE to get yours!

Or, click HERE to start reading the first Kburg Shifters book, The Truth about Kadenburg. (Only $1.99!)



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