Hello there, new indie author.

Oh, come on. You guys know me. Once I finish a manuscript, I have to have some sort of annual rambling post.  So this is me and my musings for the day/week/possibly month.  I have come across several new awesome indie authors in the past few weeks, and though we haven’t spoken much, I have had a few ask me for advice.

I wanted to take the opportunity to give said advice from the POV of a small town girl with no lack of imagination.

Rule #1. First and foremost:

Always. Write.

Rule #2:

Keep writing.

Rule #3

Rome was not built in a day.  When you hit publish, don’t expect for everyone to pile on the reviews for you all at once.  It will happen, but give it time.

Rule #4

Sometimes you’re going to get stressed.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Step back. Take a breather.  Come back in a day..or a week.

Rule #5

Start a facebook fan page.

Not only are they fun, but people will flock to your page to learn more about you and your works.  Readers like to interact-and you’ll feel like the coolest kid on campus.

Rule #6

Get some awesome beta readers.  Build a street team.  Those guys will be your lifesaver and best cheerleaders on this journey.

Don’t be afraid to talk to other indie authors.  There are a few who may not be so friendly, but the majority of us are awesome and not as anti-social as you think.  We’ll help you along the way.  This community is pretty tight knit and we support each other.  I LOVE the indies! ♥♥

If you get a bad review, don’t lash out.  Don’t make a comment.  Just let it roll off your back like water on a duck.  We need to uphold our professional image as much as possible.  You may think readers won’t stalk your personal page-but they do, and they will.  It’s mostly just curiosity.  I’ve not heard of a ‘misery’ case, just yet. 😉

I originally intended this post to be more enlightening, but as you can see, I failed miserably.  This is just a small bit of advice I can give to newcomers.  Keep writing. Don’t give up. You’re awesome.


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  1. Brilliant post and great tips! And those GIFs… they just cracked me up 😀

    But the indie writing community is a great place, very supportive I’ve found 🙂

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