Bad Reviews aren’t the end of the world.

Oh, it’s me again.  As always, my brain is running full speed (maybe a bit more) and though I have vowed to take a break from writing on my novels for a week, I cannot manage to keep myself from writing something.  A blog post won’t count, right? -whispers- I won’t tell if you won’t.

So anyway, as always, I’m the ever observant little wallflower I tend to be when it comes to watching things on Facebook and on Amazon.  I have seen some things in the past week that have really grinded my gears.  I decided that my next blog post needed to be something incredibly enlightening and hopefully educational.

I am by no means a teacher, ya’ll, but I am an indie author and I do have experience.

Listen up, Chicklets, this is important.


When we write our novels, we want nothing more than for the world to fall in love with it.  As you know by now, that doesn’t happen.  Reading a book is like meeting a new person; First impressions are key.

Somebody can be as nice as heck to you, and you still may not like them.  The same goes for writing.  Your story may be the most awesome thing since sliced bread, but there’s going to be somebody out there who just doesn’t like it.  That’s how the cookie crumbles, folks.  Not every single person who opens your novel will like it.  They will not relate to the main character.  They will not get the emotional tug you hoped for.  Everybody is different.  We all have our preferences.   Opinions are indeed like hiney-holes-EVERYBODY has one.  You won’t always agree with what a review says, but you should still appreciate it.

5-star reviews are AWESOME! 4-stars will still make you smile. 3-stars are respectable, but anything below that will make you a little sad, am I right?

But why didn’t they like my book?  Everyone else did!

Newsflash, Babies:  Not everyone is going to love it.

Even the greats have haters, and no one can stop that.  But, I can guarantee you will have more lovers than haters, okay? Trust me.

Allow me to elaborate on all of this for ya.


^That is the first bad review I ever, ever, ever got.  My reaction?

I was devastated.  My little naive mind couldn’t fathom how anybody could possibly hate on something I worked SO hard to write.  Something that meant SO much to me.  Something I just KNEW everybody would love!

“They’re my babies! The story is meant to be like that!”

One thing I know for sure is that if a writer puts it down a specific way; they meant it.  We all do.  But I was so broken hearted.  I considered giving up. I want to quit right then and there and never write again.  It was the end of my world.  My dreams burst into flames! Oh my God! It was all over.

Until my stepmom shook some sense into me.

“Did you write it?”


“Do you like it?”


“Do others like it?”


“Then don’t listen to that one review. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay.”

So it was a lesson I had to learn the hard way, but I eventually learned to accept it.  I made my stepmom’s words my motto when it comes to writing.  You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but there will be people out there who will become addicted to your blend. Trust. Me.

So while I’m on the topic of bad reviews, let me just say that I saw something on facebook that really irked me.  An author got a bad review and did something super unprofessional.  Let me give you a piece of advice here.

Don’t. Call. The. Reviewer. Out.

Everybody has an opinion and you can’t change that.  Learn that now.  Have you? Accept it.  Repeat after me.

“I will not call a reviewer out when all they were doing was giving their opinion on a story they read.”

Yes. I know it’s your baby.  I know you worked hard on it…..but you can’t lash out at a person for saying how they think/feel.  We are humans.  We can’t all feel the same way about everything!  What a boring world we would live in, huh?

Anyhoo..I have gotten plenty of reviews I could be mad over.  I could lash out.  I could fling obscenities at people for what they’ve said about me/my books/my babies.

See? Look:




Do you know what I say to these reviews?


I’m not insane, I promise.  You may not like that they didn’t like your work, but you should appreciate their honesty.  You should try to learn from it.  Now…I’m not saying it’s okay to be downright mean in a review, or bully a person…but that up there? ^^ I don’t see it as bullying.  I just see it as folks with opinions and that’s okay.  So what if they didn’t like my book?  There are tons of people that do. 🙂  And besides…..maybe they just like books that are straight to the point, or maybe they prefer the works of a more famous author.  Who knows.  You can never be too sure, but one thing I am confident of is that it is NOT okay to attack reviewers.  Not when they’re just expressing their feelings about a piece of literature.

A lot of authors don’t even look at their reviews and that’s not a bad idea.  I can’t help it.  Call it curiosity.  Call it boredom, but I love reading what people have to say about my books.  I promise the good will outweigh the bad.  You aren’t going to be loved and adored by every single person in the world, but there will be that select group of individuals who view you as one of the greatest people in their world, and that should mean a hell of a lot to you.  I know it does to me.

I think I’m done rambling now.  I just really wanted to post this because I don’t want new indies to start off on the wrong foot.

Always be kind.  Always be appreciative.  Always be professional.  Always be humble.

If you ever listen to anything I ramble about, let it be this.

Take it to heart.




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  1. Well said. As a reader who follows many indie authors I’m often confused or saddened when a author falls apart over a 1 or 2 star review. Its gonna happen. Everyone has their own opinions. On the flip side a reader/reviewer needs to be honest but not harsh or nasty in their reviews. Be truthful but kind.

  2. You can learn from every review, and usually learn the most from the bad ones (as long as they say want they didn’t like about the story, I’m not a fan of those people who just write that they didn’t like it without saying why, that’s just mean).

    Good on you for finding the positive in this, I hope I can be as strong as you!

  3. Good on you for finding the positive in this, I hope I can be as strong as you!

    You can learn from every review, even the bad ones 🙂

  4. Bad reviews happen. My last 1 star review stated that the reader felt uncomfortable for the duration of the book………you have to take the positive from that considering it was a psychological suspense. 1 star reviews are not all bad 😉

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