Ridener Musings…again. How to bring more attention to your author page.

Oh gosh. It’s me again, huh? Well, this is what you get when I take a week off from writing.  In case you didn’t notice by now, I can’t not write something.

Today, I would like to give some advice to the new indie authors joining our awesome little world.  Yes, my friends. I am about to give you all the advice I can that has been passed down to me from amazing veterans and things I have learned on my own along the way.

What I’m about to tell you comes from the Indie gods themselves.

Okay, so you’re a happy little bunny rabbit filled with pride because you just published your first book, right? Or maybe your third…or fifth…

First off, do you have a facebook author page?  No?  You should.  I realize that facebook is teetering on the edge of annoyance for all of us thanks to their “you have to pay to be seen” strategy.  Can I tell you a little secret?

We share the heck out of each other’s stuff.  Even if Facebook prefers we pay for it, we still find our loopholes.  Readers will share your posts and fellow indies will, too.  So go make that author page now!

Okay….now then.  Have you tried Google +? It’s on the rise.  I recommend getting one of those, too.  Twitter? You betcha.  Get that baby up and running and make sure to sync it with your facebook author page.

Here’s how to do that.

Pinterest? Also not a bad idea.  You can post all your little teasers and musings to that, too.

All right..now then.

How do I draw attention to my author page?

Giveaways are a great idea.  Readers LOVE giveaways!  Even if you’re not rich, trust me, you can still do this.  How?

Giveaway an ecopy of your book!  Or ask a fellow indie if they’d like to donate a copy of their book for you to giveaway on your page.  Even a $0.99 Gift Card will draw in the masses.

BE SURE to include a disclaimer such as, “I am responsible for this giveaway. Facebook is not affiliated or responsible for the prizes.”  -This keeps you safe and the hounds won’t come after you.

Do an author takeover.

There are tons of amazing book blogs on Facebook and they are always looking for authors to come take over for an hour, two hours, or an entire day!  So go look for them, or if you need some help, I can link you up.

This is also a great opportunity to get your name out there. Share your author page link, share your books, teasers, excerpts-whatever suits your fancy.  Trust me.  There will be at least ONE person interested in following after you.  I actually hit 500 likes by doing this way back when. 😉

Be nice. Be interested. Ask your readers what they’re doing for the day.  Tell them a joke, or let them know what you’re currently working on.  They aren’t just a number-they are friends.  I don’t view any of my likes as just a number.  They are real people who happen to like reading my stuff.  I learn their names.  I say hi to them.  I try to make it personal.

This post is falling massively short on what I wanted to say, but here are a few things that will help you out.  At least I hope they will.




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