2 Words That Need to Become Popular in the Indie Community.

Hiiiiii. It’s me again.  Oh yes, I’m back again for another pointless post that will hopefully actually have a point this time.

Jesus, Tonya. Drink some more coffee before you try to hand out words of wisdom.

So sometimes I say words that aren’t necessarily words, but they should be words.  My sister-in-law has always said, “If I can say it, it’s a word.”  However, my 10th grade World Civilization teacher would disagree. (My sister-in-law is right)

Words that should be words and should become a thing in the Indie Community:

Noooo. It’s not fetch.  Though, hey, I’m all down for Fetch.  AND RUFUS.  We can make this happen!

1. Indie gods

Technically, that is two words, but it should happen.  There are plenty of entities to pray to, but the Indie gods get things done.  Besides-they are smokin’ hot.  So whenever you need something…like for a book to go on sale, just pray to the indie gods. 😉

2. Friendies

If you have a friend who is an indie author, then they are your friendie.  I’ve been using this for weeks and I love it.

We all need friendies.

That’s it.  That’s the post.



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  1. I like friendies, I definitely think that should be a thing 😀

  2. Perfectly good words….use them in good health…

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