Ridener Musings: I’m tired, therefore I must blog.

^Currently me.

I wanted to write a bit on CIK but honestly I am too tired and will probably only jack it up..SO, I’ve decided to make a blog post instead.

(Enjoy a teaser from CIK, even though TSoK must be released before it can be released.)

May has been the longest month of my life and I’m not sure why…has it been a long month for you?

Okay..off topic. Anyway.  SO. -ahem- The Siege of Kadenburg releases on June 29th and I’m ever so excited.  And nervous. And terrified.  This happens every time and I can’t help it.  Some people call me ‘prolific’, but the truth is I just can’t stop writing for some reason.  I’m always doing it in some form or fashion…it cannot be helped.  Is this an epidemic?  Most certainly-but at least it’s a happy epidemic!

OH. I also made a trailer for book #2 in the Divine Sacrifice Trilogy.  Did you see it? 

This is going to be a shameless promo post for some pages that I think deserve more loving.  Are you ready?

RIVI JACKS (Her book, Sweetwater: The Kihn is FREE right now)

Rampage Book Promotions

Lyssa Layne

And that is basically all I had to say.  I’m feeling pretty exhausted so sleepy time is in my very near future.  I hope you all have a wonderful night and the sweetest of dreams.  I’ll catch you cats tomorrow. xx


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