Okay. Now it’s time for the truth.

-deep breath-

Okay. So this may be a rant. I’m not sure yet.  It’s something.  I tried to make a positive post and be happy today, but what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t talk about how you feel?  There is no point to that.  I’m in a crappy mood.  I’m in that mood because of something I read and I really need to start taking my own advice of ignoring negativity altogether.

Curiosity killed the cat.


Sometimes even the most optimistic person in the world with the sky as their limit will have a bad day.  Sometimes when you believe the stars are within your reach, a meteor smashes into you and takes you back down to earth.  It sucks when it happens but it’s inevitable.  We all have feelings and mine are just…bleh today.

Sometimes I read things that make me want to give up.  I am aware that I am not the greatest writer in the world, but I write what I love and A LOT of people enjoy reading what I have to offer.  I shouldn’t let it get to me like this because I’ve said it time and time and TIME AGAIN.

“I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay.”

However, at times I’d love to be the cup of tea that scalds a person’s tongue and renders them speechless for a few days.

Ugh. That was mean.  I’m sorry.

I guess I just don’t see the point of insulting someone or further degrading their story?  It’s a very sensitive subject for a lot of folks and you can fall on either side of the fence.  I surely am not crying bully because I don’t feel bullied at all.  I do, however, feel disheartened and discouraged.  These are the moments in which I question what I’ve been doing for years.

Was it waste of time?

 Was I chasing after something that’s never actually been there?

 Should I give up?

And the answer is…..

I may be mopy for a few hours and might even act like a pitiful little puppy over someone saying something about my babies (aka my books-HOW DARE THEY). But everyone has an opinion and you know how the saying goes…

“No one ever reads the same book as someone else.”

It’s all about perspective anyway, yes? Yes.

So…I’ll just sulk for a few minutes and lick my wounds.  But the truth is….no one can ever make me stop writing because it’s what I love and you can’t just snuff out a passion like that.

Sorry you didn’t succeed. xx



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  1. It is hard to get past these moment, but you have exactly the right attitude! Be sad, let it out and then move on, because no one should stop you doing what you love to do! 🙂

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