Ridener Musings: This post doesn’t have a specific topic.

I’m sure you guys are used to that by now.  My blog is like a box of chocolates, right?

My mind is everywhere this morning and I have yet to determine if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I’m just going to hope for the best.

I had someone ask how I write so fast so I’m going to try to help out some fellow writers here.  First, let me start with saying there is nothing wrong with taking your time on your story.  We don’t all operate the same way.  We all have different methods when it comes to putting our tales on paper.  I do have books that take me a year or longer to write, but for the most part I can finish a manuscript within a month if I am lucky.  How does that happen?

NaNoWriMo taught me how to speed write.  In 30 days you can write a 50k word novel but it’s not for everyone.  Here’s what I like to do to keep my word count going daily.

*Set a word goal for yourself.  It could be 20, 200, or 2,000 words.  Try to reach that goal by the end of the day.

*Be determined to make it to the next chapter before bedtime.

*Have a beta reader who reads each chapter.  They will give you motivation and keep you pumped on getting the next part of the story out.  I have a few betas who read my stories chapter by chapter and nothing makes me happier than giving them ‘the rest of the story’.

It’s OKAY to take a day/week/month off from writing if you have to.  We all go through rough patches and you’re not failing as a writer if you need to step away.  Trust me-I have to do it sometimes too.

And that’s really all I have to say today.  My posts seem to be falling short each day, but I try to at least put up something for ya’ll to read. 😉

If you ever want to talk about writing or need some motivation, I’m only a click away.



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