What is the difference between bullying and bashing?

I have thought long and hard about this post because I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say.  I don’t want anyone to think I am crying bully because I am not.  I don’t really feel bullied over the situation but I do feel that who I am as a person has been compromised and I’m not okay with that.

I’ve been trying very hard to keep quiet over this but honestly as the hours tick by I can only get a little more angry.  It’s not okay that this happened.  I don’t know where people think they get the right to ‘review’ a book by saying what was said about me and my book….but it’s ridiculous.

What is a review, exactly?  It’s when you tell other readers how a book made you feel.  Whether you absolutely loved it and it made you laugh, cry, sob uncontrollably..that’s all up to you and that book.  If you hated it and can’t believe somebody wrote that…again, that’s up to you.  But do you have to be mean about it in your review?

Do you have to insult an author and tear them down just for the sake of saying how the book made you feel?

Like I said..I don’t really know what to say. I don’t know what to do.  All I know is that I am still upset and I can’t make that go away.  However, I am taking my friends’ advice and never reading another review about any of my books because my heart is too tender and it’s easy to wound me.

I do not do this for money or fame.  I do this because there once was a little girl who loved telling stories and she discovered she could make magic by combining pen and paper.  That’s all there is to it.

I’m not going to link the review or post the whole thing here…but I would like to post the parts I feel were nothing more than the result of hate or jealousy.

“First, I would like to know how in god’s name did this book get 5 stars???
Did these people read the same book I did?
Did these people get paid to post 5 star reviews?”

^That is not okay.  Do not accuse anybody of paying for reviews.  I am proud of the reviews I earn from readers. None of my books have over 30, thank you very much.  Still…that was a low blow.  Shame on you.

Also, are you aware that two people never read the exact same book? It’s true.  There are quotes about that. Look it up.

“The hero was just flat out a non-Alpha male; he was a wimp, weak and not even close to any alpha male I have ever read.”

^I’m only throwing this in there because I’m straight up tired of people defining “ALPHA MALES” as arrogant, possessive, abusive pricks.  There are all types of alpha males. End. Of. Story.

“This is the first book I read from this author and will be the last.”

I am glad to hear that.

“There are other indie authors who are more concerned about the quality of their work and I would rather spend my time and money reading their works.”

Again, I’m glad to hear it.  I should say thank you but I will not.  I still feel bashed and I’m still angry that someone would have the audacity to accuse me of something as pathetic as buying off reviews.

I’m angry right now.  I don’t understand how anybody can call that a ‘review’, but to each his own, eh?  In the end…there will be more positive than negative, but I don’t feel it’s right for someone to get away with saying stuff like this. Freedom of speech is all fine and dandy but you’ve taken it to the next level and I’ll keep my mouth firmly shut on that bit.

So no…..no more reading reviews.  I’m not crying bully but I am going to say I’m disappointed.


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  1. The hard part is that as a public figure, there’s very little you can do. Internet fights never turn out well. The best thing to do is take a deep breath and keep writing.


  2. That, m’dear, was a troll, and blatantly attacked the author. Not all of our reviews are good, you are right. So many have hated mine, but only a few attacked me. ((Hugs)) You can flag the review, and suggest you do. A good one star review is as good as a great five star – but not when they attack.

    I have a pretty thick skin, but not everyone does. So don’t read reviews! Don’t do it. THere is nothing wrong with not reading them. You are a good writer, and have plenty of talent.

    Write on, my friend.

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