My Dearest Readers,

My dearest readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog post today.  It’s something I never imagined having to write, but then again, I never imagined anything like this happening to me.  Last night something happened that threw me for a loop and I still haven’t recovered from it.  I could go into detail about how my accuser was one of my greatest heroes in life and how much I loved their much I respected them and held them on a high pedestal above all other authors.….but I won’t.  Instead I’m just going to put it on the table for you.

I have been accused of plagiarism and that is not an accusation any person should ever take lightly.  This is not over an essay or a report.  No, this is over a novel.  This is over someone’s hours of blood, sweat, tears, and heartache to give readers a new magical world to delve in.

I can’t believe this has happened to me. 

I suppose I should’ve realized something was going on when Guarding Abigail received its first bad review and it was nothing more than bashing me and my book.  My alarms should’ve sounded given all of her other reviews were 4 or 5 stars, but I didn’t think anything of it.

But now it makes sense.

I –am- being attacked now.  I –am- being bullied and you won’t see me run away and cry.  I am going to stand up against this and I will not be victimized in a community that has grown so prone to it.  Is it not big enough for all of us?

I am innocent.  I will swear that on my sister’s grave if you need me to, but it should not be necessary.  I could go into detail about how every vampire, werewolf, shifter, angel, demon, and whatever else book out there will always have similar elements and what have you….but I did not copy anything from anyone else’s hard work.

If there comes a day in which I must stoop so low as to steal an idea from somebody else, I will give up writing.  If there comes a day when my brain is no longer capable of producing an original idea to give to my readers, I will give up writing.

But I will not give up today.  That day is –not- today.  I wasn’t even given a chance to defend myself.  You didn’t talk to me.  You didn’t approach me.  You ran to your street team and then came to my page and dropped a bomb on me.  People are attacking me because of it.  That is not okay and will not be tolerated.

I love all indie authors and I support everybody. I respect everybody. I will not steal from another person.  Anyone who does that doesn’t deserve to be called an author at all.

A cease and desist should happen very soon because this country gal knows lawyers too.

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming show of support.



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  1. I support you Tonya!!

  2. There is always someone who is envious of your success that will do that to get their 5 minutes of fame. Your fans know better and will be there to support you!! I hope this all works out for you. I, for one, am still and always will be a fan of your novels!!!!

  3. OH How I’d love to know who it is but I respect your choice not to name names. You just stay strong and know there are fans behind you to catch you if you stumble. We will back you up and fight with you if you need us.

  4. Thank God you finally listened to me and took for yourself about time!! I know you better than anyone else I have sit down with you especially on the vampire books(you so don’t want to go there with me and My vampires I’ll go up one side of you and down the other) gave you my ideas to turn into characters done research for you on your vampires and bear shifters and I know dam well you don’t need to use someone else’s work. I have always been behind you pushing you never letting you give up I’ve seen your tears, shared in your joy and I remain so proud of you. Remember sis take the road less traveled and you’ll find rewards at the end. Now as far as anyone else goes she is my sister in law technically but I have helped raise her I’ve known her 14 years and have heard her ideas for years if u want to attack her behind your so called fans or street team know this I WILL NOT STAND FOR ANYONE HURTING HER IN ANYWAY YOU HAD BEST TREAD LIGHTLY BECAUSE WHERE SHE WILL NOT GO I WILL SHE RESPECTED YOU AND YOU BEST GIVE HER THE RESPECT SHE DESERVES BACK. That’s all I’m gonna say!

  5. We’re ‘friends’ on Facebook, but I don’t think we’ve ever spoken. However, your post just rolled past in my timeline and I had to come and read what you had to say. I’m sorry this is happening to you, and for the life of me I don’t know what’s going on out there and I don’t know why people do what they do. What I do know, from reading your post, is that it’s the most sincere one I’ve read in freaking ages. I’m glad you’re not stepping back, because why should you? The genuine people always come out on top in the end, and that’s where you’ll end up. At the top.

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