Let it roll off your back like water on a duck.

Gosh, how many times have I said that, huh?  It’s a line my dad and stepmom have drilled into my head repeatedly since the first time I got a bad review.  I’m trying to remember it now more than ever.

I want to thank you all for your kind words and support.  A few days ago my world was so dark and stormy, but now I feel that I can breathe again and I am grateful.

There isn’t too much I can really say in this post and that’s probably because I’m not fully awake yet and I haven’t had any coffee.  Coffee.  I need the coffee….

Anyway I’m sure I meant to post something more intelligible here but my brain hasn’t caught up with my body.  Don’t you hate when that happens?

I keep rewriting this part and I’m not sure why.  There is so much I wish to say but I don’t know how to say it.  I also hate when this happens. Grrr.

I’ve been googling like mad since I was accused of such an atrocity and I came across this article and this article.  I also found the term ‘literary archetypes’.  I have read similar things in the past.  I wish I could remember the direct quote, but I can’t find it anywhere.  It was stated by a famous author from way back when….how did it go?

“No book is 100% original.  All stories are made up of other stories.”

Like for instance, The Truth about Kadenburg was meant to be a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  You can see the small references there, but otherwise I was soooo off course on that. SO. OFF. COURSE.  Return to Kadenburg was meant to include some elements from Little Red Riding Hood.  The most you’ll find in that book is a guy with a name that translates to “Red Hunter” and the fact he’s a werewolf hunter.

I could go in so many directions with this.  I have racked my brain and teetered on the edge of madness trying to figure out what I ‘took’ from specific books.  I still can’t come up with it.  Anyone who has followed the development of Guarding Abigail over the past two months know that it was inspired by the song “Pompeii” by Bastille (I’m seriously obsessed with that song.  Book 2 is being inspired by “Bad Blood”), and the movie Constantine.  I just wanted to write an angel book.  I also want to write a mermaid book in the future…someday.

I had betas who were involved with it every step of the way. Some of them read chapter by chapter as it was written.  Sometimes I got stuck and had NO idea where to go and people tossed up their ideas to me just to keep the ball rolling.  It was truly a team effort and that is why I am shocked that anyone is accusing me of stealing something that wasn’t mine.

If I was guilty of doing such a terrible thing I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t post it for the world to see.  A thief would tuck their tail between their legs and high tail it.  But I haven’t done anything wrong and I am firmly standing my ground until the end.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the support and kind words.  This has been one of the biggest bumps in the road for me so far, but we’ll prevail.  We’ll overcome it together.

I’m headed back to Kadenburg to finish up book 4.  (Geez. Book 4 already?!)  Happy reading, my friends.


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