My brain may or may not explode before July.

That is such an exaggeration.  It’s not going to explode because that would be SO messy and a little painful.

Do you ever have those days where lots of ideas decide to duke it out WWE style in your head?  It’s like…


“NO. Write ME. I was here first!”

“You wanna go? Come on, Cupcake.”

Yeah….that’s been my brain for the last 5 months and try as I might, I cannot ignore them.  I suppose this is to be expected when you’ve got vampires, elementals, bear-shifters, werewolves, guardian angels, AND lots of other interesting beings living in your head.  -sigh-

So a lot of things have changed with ‘book 3.5’ of the Kadenburg Shifters Series.  It was meant to be a novella. HA. YEAH. FUNNY.  So now it’s been upgraded to book 4 with a title and cover change.  I’ll be revealing that SOON.

I’m almost finished with this little beauty and I’m ever so excited.  A few new characters are being introduced and one is hot hot hot.  Alpha hot. He’s got an accent. Did I mention he’s hot?  We don’t have all the details on him yet, but that’s the beauty of my writing process: It’s always like Christmas.

Book 4 does happen during Christmas, but I took the advice of a friend and decided Christmas wouldn’t do it any justice.  When you read that a book has Christmas in the title, more than likely you want to read it DURING Christmas, right?  Well…that’s accurate most of the time. However, that’s also the beauty of one’s imagination.  We can be on Christmas vacation during July if we want to. 😉

I’m just rambling at this point. BUSY BUSY BUSY. That’s what I need to  be.  So much to do and so little time as I hope to have TIKH finished by July.  If I do not, I’ll have to push it back another month and there are a few fans who may plot my death?  (Please don’t. I like living.)

Here’s a teeny teaser for ya’ll.

Yes. He’s a spectacled bear shifter and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.  It’s about time!


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