Blog Tour Stop: The Touched Series by Nancy Straight

Ohhhhh, you guys!  I am so excited to be part of this tour.  I can’t even put into WORDS how much I love these books and Nancy Straight.  Want to read about centaurs?  This is your go-to lady.  Trust me.

So as part of the tour, I have been asked to post an excerpt for you, which I’ll do right now.

This is from book 2 of the Touched Series, Centaur Legacy.

It was Drake’s number. Schmuck. I hated this guy. Maybe he’d decided to go to Florida, too. I hadn’t seen him in two days. Or maybe he’d actually found her. “Holy shit, where’ve you been? You find her?”

“Daniel, it’s Drake.”

“I know that, Moron. I’ve got this newfangled gadget called ‘caller ID.’ Ever hear of it?”

He ignored my insult. What the heck did Cami see in him anyway? Instead of answering me, all he said was, “Hey, I need you to take care of Cami for me.”

“Take care of her? What’re you talking about? I’m still looking for her. Where’ve you been?”

“She’s free. She’s on her way back to South Dakota. You need to take her home, okay?”

“On her way back to South Dakota? Where is she?”

“I’m not sure. I think Florida. She’s on her way here. You’ve got to protect her.”

Florida? If she’d been in Florida, did the others not know she was on her way back? The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I realized he was asking me to take care of her. “You talked to her?”

“Not exactly.”

“How do you know she’s okay?”

“I just know. I need to know you’ll take care of her.”

Not only was he a jerk who let Cami get kidnapped and who knew what else, but now he “just knows” she’s okay. It’s probably a trick. “So, if you didn’t exactly talk to her, how do you know where she is or that she’s coming back here?”

I heard a frustrated sigh on the line, like I was wasting his time. “I’m her Centaur, Daniel. I have a connection to her. She was drugged, or something, but she’s okay. She’s coming back here. Will you take care of her or not?”

What was he doing? “I thought that was your job? You had pretty big words a few days ago.”

“Look, I’m not calling to argue with you. I can’t protect her. You can. I need you to convince her to go home with you.”

“What? Home where?”

“Home where she belongs, San Diego, with you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. This schmuck flew all over the world with her, didn’t do anything to stop her from being kidnapped, then just decided he wasn’t into her? He was a bigger loser than I thought. “So, what, you’re turning your back on her? Cold feet, now you’re kicking her to the curb? You’re not even going to make sure she’s okay?”

“It’s not like that. Just promise me you’ll protect her.”

“I’m not promising you shit. What’s she need protection from? Grandmommy Dearest just flew out.”

Another loud sigh, “She’s due to land at the airport in an hour. I want you there to meet her plane. Get on it and take the charter home.”

“That’s it? You’re going to ride off into the sunset, and it’s my job to pick up all of her pieces and try to put her back together. After you obliterate her?”

I’d been through this with Cami once before. That loser she dated for a couple years, out of nowhere he decided he’d outgrown her. She cried for two days solid. I wasn’t sure if she’d ever come out of it.

Just as she was getting back to normal, Ronnie tried to worm his way back in. He called me giving me this sob story that he’d made a mistake. He wanted to try patching things up with her. He came to me asking if I could arrange a meeting for him with her. Yeah, a black eye, a busted lip and a smashed windshield, and he knew not to ask for my help. Once he got the bleeding under control, I told him if I found out he tried to contact her directly, I wouldn’t be satisfied with a flesh wound next time. He was smart enough to stay away.


You need to know Daniel is my boyfriend.  Always has been, always will be.  (Even though he’s technically claimed by someone else. -insert sad face here-)

ANYWAY.  I’m making this a super awesome post by linking my reviews for the books.  I told you.  I’M A BIG FAN.

So, here are my reviews:

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Ridener Reviews: Centaur Legacy (Touched, #2)

Ridener Reviews: Centaur Rivalry (Touched, #3)

Ridener Reviews: Centaur Redemption (Touched, #4)



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  1. Awe, T.E., thanks so much for signing up for the tour and for your amazing book reviews. I hope I’m able to write other stories that worm their way into your heart again. Happy Writing, Nancy

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