Get your name (and your books) out there. Book Blogs are Awesome.

Oh gosh. It’s me. Again.

Please bear with me….I have just woken up and I have a dreadful earache so my world is a bit helter-skelter as I attempt to become a normal functioning human being for the day. (That’s a hard process).

So today will be one of those days where I attempt to offer good advice (and a super cute bear gif.  Is it not cute? It is).

Maybe you’re brand new to the indie author world…or maybe you’re not.  Maybe your page has been sitting at 300 likes for a few months or your sales haven’t really been doing all that great.  No matter what it is, I am going to share another bit of advice that has helped me profoundly over the last year.


Oh yes.  The masterminds behind every book blog on facebook.  These are the people who are ready and willing to help get your name out there to eager readers.  Some of them even offer to share your new release, cover reveal, or excerpts.  The best part is?  All of this is FREE.  (For real.  If somebody tries to charge you for sharing a simple post on their page, that is ridiculous.  The only way I’ve seen this work is if it’s a PINNED post or SPONSORED post on a blog that has 10k fans or more.  Otherwise, don’t fall for the scam.  We will talk about blog tours at a later date.)

So, what are some of these magnificent blogs that will share the heck out of you from the goodness of their heart?  I’m going to list as many as I can below.  These are blogs that I have interacted with in the past and I know for a fact they are AWESOME.


(Author day is on Tuesday.  It’s all about you!)

For the Love of Books #1

Jazzy’s Notebook

A Literary Love Affair

Lit on Literature

For the Love of Books #2

Kandi Kisses Loves Books

A One-Click Addict’s Book Blog

Stalking the Bookshelves

What to Read after 50 Shades of Grey

(Please note that if you want a pinned post on this page, there is a fee.)

Go give these pages a like and check them out.  They are all more than happy to help indies in any way they can.  They have helped me so many times along the way. xx


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  1. Great list, thanks for sharing 🙂

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