It’s my party and I’ll write what I want to.

It’s after midnight now so that means The Siege of Kadenburg has officially released EVERYWHERE….except for Amazon because they won’t let me make my books available for pre-order. Hmph.

I am not authorly enough for the author club, apparently.

Anyhoo.  So I’ve just returned from an awesome vacation of Myrtle Beach, SC and Gatlinburg, TN.  I’m pooped. I’m exhausted.  Oh, and of course I’m not going to sleep which is what any normal person would do right about now.

Good thing I’m not normal, eh?

Okay.  So anyway-YAY FOR RELEASE DAY!  (I need to bring this back….)


What was I talking about?  OH!

So anyway, as most of you know, my brain is always here, there, and EVERYWHERE.  I can never seem to focus on one certain thing for very long.  One day I’m writing bear-shifters, and then the next I’m working on dragons?!  WHAT?!

It’s true.  I write whatever my brain tells me to.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for Elementals or vampires, but sometimes I veer off towards bear-shifters and guardian angels.

This is how I ended up with 4 different series at once, okay?

I’ve had people tell me I need to stop writing so many new books and focus on my old ones.  They say I need to finish a series before starting something else.

Well ya know what?

It’s my party and I’ll write what I want to.

If I want to write 10 different books at once: I will.

The indie Gods are well aware of how I operate and I know I’m not alone.  You have to write for the voice that’s the loudest.  Currently, the loudest voices in my head belong to a bear-shifter, a werewolf, a dragon-shifter, and occasionally an Icer.  I have to write for each of them when they’re ready.

I can’t force it.

Have you ever tried to force yourself to write something your heart just isn’t into at the moment?  It sucks. It makes writing NOT fun.  I’d rather not go down that path, thank you very much.

So what if I’ve got 5 books going at once?  Why does it matter?  My readers/fans/friends know how I operate and they like me just as I am.

For the very few who have complained about it, I say you can like it or lump it.  All writers operate differently, ya know?  It’s okay to write on one book for a year if you want to.  It’s okay to write on 3 different series at once if you want to.  It’s okay to write a book in 30 days if that’s what tickles your fancy.  You have to write it your way because there is no other way, ya dig?

That’s basically all I wanted to say.  I’m happy to be back home. 🙂

Oh, and book 3 of Kadenburg is now available!  Go grab The Siege of Kadenburg!!!!!!


**I’ll post Amazon’s buy link as soon as it becomes available.**

AND DON’T FORGET BOOKS 1 & 2 are only $0.99 a piece for one more day!



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