This is a “I’m still alive” post.

So sometimes I just forget this thing exists.  That makes zero sense, eh?

There isn’t much to report on from my end of things.  I’m doing some laundry today which is ALWAYS fun!

I’ve been very slow with my writing as of late.  You see, about three weeks ago I had this magnificent Dragon story come into my head.  I was all excited and ready to write their adventure when suddenly…no…no, it can’t be.  WHAT is THAT?

Friggin’ fairies decide to move in too.  My brain doesn’t have much vacancy these days, but all of these new characters think they are allowed to move in.

Most writers can relate to that.  No matter if you only roleplay or if you write books; YOU. KNOW.

So anyway I do the polite thing and tell them they can stay. Ha.


The next thing you know I’ve got bear-shifters and werewolves being snarky to the new kids from the dragon story.  Then I’ve got these fairies coming in here like they mean business and everything hits the fan.

Isaiah demands book 3 to be finished in the Descendants Series ASAP.

Isaiah, have you forgotten I don’t operate like that?

And worse, I’ve been trying to get my vampires to talk for forever.  They just sit back and quietly wait their turn and I’m like, “IT’S BEEN YOUR TURN FOR A YEAR.”


Don’t even get me started on my Guardians please.

All in all, they’re being a pain in my rump.  Either everyone wants me to write about them at THE SAME TIME, or they go quiet altogether.

Writers are not sane people, folks.  We are driven mad on the daily with constant buggerment from the beloved characters we make.  Is buggerment even a word?

It is now.


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