Obligatory “I’m still alive” post.

Hiii again. It’s me!

So, how’s life your way?  Mine’s going great as usual (I think).  I had to visit the dentist today and the last of my dental ouchies are OVER. Shew.  And the best part is my dentist was hot.  I never get a hot dentist….

My characters are still fighting among one another on who gets to be written about next.  I’ve basically been bouncing back and forth between bear-shifters, dragon-shifters, and fairies for three weeks.  I tried to pull my elementals through for a bit, but wouldn’t ya know I got stuck on the fight scene? Again.  That always happens.  Not even the super intelligent fairy known as Pike can help me out of this one.  He tried, believe you me, but I think I need to go re-work a few scenes before I’ll be fully satisfied with moving forward.

Why yes.  Yes, this is a rambling post.  That tends to happen from time to time, and no…I’ve not had any coffee yet. O_o

There isn’t much else to update on at the moment. Just trying to choose a book and finish it at this point.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day.


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