A Writer’s Mind is a Scary Place.

I’m in that place again.  You know, the place where fifty million story ideas hit me at once.  There are hundreds of characters yelling at me to write their story, and then there are a few quiet ones who I desperately want to write for but they won’t talk. -_-

This isn’t fun or easy, folks.  You think it’s easy? HA.

“But Tonya, why don’t you just pick a story and write it?”

Seriously.  That’s what I’m thinking every time someone says that to me.  Oh, I wish I could pick a story and stick to it, believe you me-I REALLY do, but that is impossible.

Every now and then I may get lucky enough to focus on a story for a full month before someone else decides to claim residence in my head….

I’ve been stuck on a particular novel for the past while so I decided to pull up an old book to edit and make brand spankin’ new.  All was going well, you see.


New story:


New character:


New storyline:


New character:


….And that’s basically how it goes.  I give in and yet another story moves into my head, waiting patiently (and sometimes NOT so patiently) to be written.

I know I’m not alone on this.  I know it.


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