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Sometimes I have a lot to say and sometimes I don’t.  As I begin this post I’d just like to say it could go either way at this point.  Once again I’ve been up all night because I mean, really, what’s sleep anyway? I still can’t get my characters to cooperate so I’ve decided to ramble on here.  Yay for rambling.

Since joining the indie author community almost 3 years ago I have learned many things.  Some of these lessons were learned the hard way, and some of the pointers were given from the kindness of someone else’s heart.  Like I said, this is just rambling, but I feel like making the post today.

It’s okay to write five books in a year if you want to.

It’s okay to write one book in five years.

Not everyone is going to love your work.

But some people will and they will become the loyal readers you simply adore.

Writer’s block is a frustrating thing, but you will prevail.

Writing a synopsis is the devil.

You will make amazing friends along the way and they will be loyal to you.

Be loyal in return.

There are snakes in the grass.  Be careful.

Write what you love.  Write what you know.  Write what you want to read.

Be kind to everyone.

Reviews are for readers.  Don’t sweat the bad ones. You know what? Just don’t even read them.

Coffee will be your best friend. (Or Mountain Dew.  Or tea.)

It’s okay to walk away from time to time.  

Always remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf.

If you’re only in this to make money then you’re doing it for the wrong reason.

Always remember that you DO have something to offer in the writing world.

You can achieve anything and everything your heart desires.

Dreams do come true.


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