How does she do it? Why release day doesn’t make me want to rip my hair out anymore.

Remember how I said I sometimes have important things to say on here?  Well, this is one of those important things.  Lately I’ve had a lot of new authors wondering about the best route to take when it comes to publishing their novel.

Now, maybe it’s not your first.  Maybe it’s your second one or tenth one, either way, this is how I do it.

Draft2Digital.  I wish I could remember which author recommended this site to me because I’d seriously love to thank them.  Draft2Digital is a publishing platform that puts your ebook up on KOBO, iTunes, B&N, and a few others.  They also offer to do it through Createspace for you, but given that I do all my paperbacks separately, I have not taken the time to see how well they work with CS.

The downside? Amazon and D2D do not play well with one another.  You will need to upload your work separately, but there is a plus side to this.  Remember those hours you spent creating a format to be accepted through Amazon?  Draft2Digital provides that for you.  Just download the .mobi file once you’ve finished uploading and BAM. You can use that to upload to Amazon.

It’s a dream for me.  Publishing has never been so easy in my life!  I’ve discussed this with a few folks, but I thought it was high time I do a blog post about it.  What are the other perks?

Aside from never again having to hassle with formatting, you also get more royalties.  What? YES.  You know how if you sell an ebook on KDP for $1.99 you only get $0.70 of that royalty?  With D2D you would get $1.18.  I’m dead serious.

No no no.  I’ve not been paid off by anyone to tell you this.  I’m telling you from the goodness of my heart because they’ve made my life so much easier.  I used to dread release day, but now I can rest comfortably knowing D2D is helping me.  Oh, and did I mention you get a PRE-ORDER option with them?  You sure do!  I hate that I can’t put books up for pre-order on Amazon yet (you have to have a certain status there), but D2D happily does so through KOBO, B&N, and iTunes.

Needless to say, I’m a fan.  You can visit their website and learn more for yourself.

I hope this helps someone on their journey to self-publishing. xx


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  1. You convinced me! Going to give them a shot with Dark Storms. I quit using SW because they FUBAR’d my formatting I was getting a ton of complaints in the reviews. Let’s see how they do 😀

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