Giftapalooza 2014 is happening, y’all!

So remember how we did Giftapalooza last year?  Yep! We’re doing it again this year as well. xx

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Giftapalooza, it’s a fun event that I do to engage readers and authors alike to get involved with the online charity Random Acts of Christmas my friend Jenna and I started in 2011.   I encourage all of you to join us and help make Christmas a little brighter for families in need.

Here is the event link if you want to come join it.  We’re getting started on November 14, which is actually 2 weeks after our official opening date for Reddit aka the mothership. (It’s probably not called the mothership.  More like North Pole #1.)

How does Giftapalooza work?

I am SO glad you’ve asked!  Every week I will post a wishlist along with a photo and information about a family in need.  (Maybe Christmas can’t happen because of an illness, death, or someone got laid off), and then you can browse the list and purchase a toy.   You screenshot your purchase and send it to me and then you will receive an ebook, paperback, swag, or gift card as a thank you from one of the many amazing indie authors who have signed up already!

Sounds fun, right?  Oh, it is.  Not to mention the sweet faces you’ll get to see on Christmas morning.  Here’s VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2 just to show you how awesome it is.

Haven’t heard of Random Acts of Christmas before?  That’s okay.  We’re still a baby compared to other places, but we’re well on our way.  Last year we gave over $69,000 in toys and clothing to children in need.  It. Was. Epic.  We’re setting our goal higher this year.  Can we do it?  I don’t doubt it! 🙂

We’ve been mentioned by Kevin Smith ( in Jay and Silent Bob), and we’ve been featured on news stations in other countries.  One of our most popular stories is about Iron Man sending a personal Christmas message to a very special boy.

BUY A TOY > GET A THANK-YOU GIFT (book, swag, signed poster/calendar/print)

All in all, you give to a child and you get something awesome from one of my friendies.  Sound like something you want to do?  PLEASE come join us!

And if you’re an author, blogger or model, you can donate HERE.

****I really don’t want anyone to get confused.  What you donate will go towards a giving adult, not a child.  I’m sorry if I caused any confusion beforehand.****


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