Will the madness ever end?


I feel like most of us are screaming for this to stop but no one ever listens.  The bullying in the indie community needs to go away permanently.  And did you know it’s not just authors being bullied anymore? Oh no.  Now bloggers are becoming victims and soon enough it will be readers, too.

I’m not sure what people are thinking when they hide behind a computer screen to say incredibly hurtful things to another living being.  How do you do that?  How do you sleep at night?

I went through some pretty dark stuff a few months ago and I know what it feels like to be accused of something I didn’t do. God, I could scream about it at the top of my lungs for the rest of my life, but it isn’t going to do me any good.  I know the truth. My friends and family know the truth.  My readers know the truth.  That’s what matters to me the most.  I’ve learned from it and I’ve moved forward because that’s really all you can do….but during that time? The slander? The emails? It can drive a person insane and send them into a spiral of terrible emotions that no one should have to experience.

When you accuse someone of something and you post it online for others to view, you create a bigger issue.  Some people are more than eager to jump on the bandwagon and join the witch hunt.  That’s all it becomes.


Maybe I just need to rant.  Maybe I’m just really angry that someone has the audacity to post something so mean and untrue about someone I care about.

Maybe I’m just tired of people acting like twelve-year-olds stuck in grade school.

Grow up. Stop this madness.  It has to end.

Oh, and I found a REALLY excellent new facebook page that I think everyone should check out.


(You know….for the people who are actually guilty of plagiarism, etc.)

It just needs to stop, people.  No one is going to want to be anywhere near the indie author community if we don’t take a stand.

Be kind.  Always be kind.


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