Ridener Reviews: Trail of the Raven, Haiti by Chip Davis


My title doesn’t lie. I just went on an adventure of epic proportions. I am a small town girl and I’ve not travelled to many places too far away from Kentucky, but Chip Davis just took me to so many wonderful places in a short amount of time. I saw deer, I felt myself drifting lazily over rolls of the ocean, I witnessed whales for the first time in my life, I experienced happiness, sadness, and cried over terrible things that happen in reality. I was angry at a family of horrible people. I cheered for a young man who deserved so much more, and I found myself longing for such a wonderful, giving woman to be in my life.

This isn’t merely a work of fiction and I felt that from page one. There were many factual things and places, but there was so much truth in these pages and that’s what kept me turning them. I usually stick with my shifter romances and vampire stories, but this book really captivated me in a way I can’t yet explain. Chip Davis worked some magic I rarely get to experience and he pulled emotions out of me. He has written a wonderful book and I believe that older teenagers and adults alike will enjoy it. There are characters you can’t forget, won’t forget, and some you will just love so much. Of course, there are some you will hate, but justice is served! I adored this book. I really don’t know what else to say about it. You will laugh and you will cry, but in the end when you reach that last page of the story, you’re going to feel like you just returned from a trip. He takes you on the adventure and you become Jack. I can’t say many books have done that for me. Bravo, Mr. Davis. I cannot wait to see where Jack’s adventures take him next time and the good he will do. (Will Annie be more prominent in book 2? Please tell me it’s so!!!!!) xx


P.S. There is a character in this story that is very much based from a real person.  Some of the sales from this book will go to that person and I fully support it.  My god, people. Just read it and then you can understand why my hands are still trembling.

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  1. Having been privileged to read this book as it developed. I am a tough task master and I have loved this tale from the beginning of the journey.
    I also have a special love for the needs and people of Haiti,having sent many teams to aid locals in rebuilding their lives and their esteem.
    Chip has gone out from the touristy spots to the place where the real people live, work,cry and die and has touched on the real needs in that beautiful land.

  2. oops ignore the first sentence.

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