Ridener Reviews: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


I received this book as a gift from a friend, for which I am grateful, because I DO love to read. Plus, you toss in an attractive Scottish man and I’m all there. I was really wanting to watch the TV show, but since I could not, my friend reminded me that I did indeed have the first book on my kindle. I decided to dive in and well, I did not emerge for 9 hours. I do believe Diana Gabaldon is a very gifted and talented writer, but this book was definitely not for me.

I did very much like Jamie for the most part. I think he was a spicy character with passion and heart, but there are things I cannot forgive him for. Yes, I do understand that it was accurate for the time period, but I do not enjoy a man trying to convince a woman she DESERVES to be beaten. That turned my stomach and not in a good way. I wasn’t very fond of Claire at all. She was too bland. Something was missing. She needed something more, but I still can’t pinpoint it.

I am trying to write this review without giving any SPOILERS. I am a firm believer in thinking you either read the books or watch the show. One will never be like the other. I really, honest to goodness hope the show is not like the book. I will not mention what happened that affected me so badly, but I didn’t like it at all. Maybe I’m just too keen with my happily ever afters. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle a lot of things that happen in stories and I fully respect fellow authors on what they feel deserves to be added into their books…..but I just can’t move past what I read and the series has been ruined for me.

I rarely give less than 4 stars for stories and I can see this author is favored by many, but I cannot give more than 3 because this book affected me in a very bad way. Some book hangovers aren’t good.

All in all……


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