UPDATE: Giftapalooza just got AWESOMER.

I am thrilled that the 2nd annual Giftapalooza  already has 187 attendees and it’s still growing! As far as authors and bloggers, we have had nearly 50 donations and those have multiple titles and gift cards included.  You all are blowing my mind!!!!

How does it get awesomer?

Oh, well, you know…sometimes I have these ideas and one of them included models to get involved.  They are donating prints, calendars, and possibly posters!  So far Daniel Hosse and Lance Jones have graciously donated, though I am hoping that number will grow.  Models are awesome, right? They sure are!

We have a lot of great authors on board and their prizes are great, too.

REMEMBER: Giftapalooza is geared towards gifting children in need for Christmas morning.  We’ll be kicking off on November 14th and a wishlist from RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS  will be posted every week.  If you gift one of those children, you will receive a thank-you gift from one of our authors, bloggers, or models.  Helping little kids is great, right?  Getting something in return for BEING GREAT makes it an even sweeter deal.

Here’s to hoping we will be able to give at least $500 in toys to those who need it.  Thank you all for your donations.


Before I let you go I’d like to let you know we have a shirt campaign going on and the funds will be used towards the gift baskets we give to one lucky young writer and one lucky young reader.  You can check the shirts out HERE.


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