Giftapalooza 2014 FAQ for ‘Santas’

So you want to make a difference for a child in need, right?  BRILLIANT!  I hope I can answer your questions below.

Where do I find the wishlists for children in need? Starting on November 14th I will begin posting wishlists for children in need from RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS.  You can follow the links to an Amazon wishlist to purchase a gift.

How much do I have to spend?  You may spend as little or as much as you wish.  The goal with Giftapalooza and RAoC is to gift as many children as possible.  Even if you only buy one toy for $5, you will still receive an ebook as a thank-you for getting involved.

How do I prove I’ve purchased a gift?  Please take a screenshot of your receipt and send it to me so I can verify it.  You will then receive a thank-you gift.

How do I know that I’m buying for a real kid?  RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS works incredibly hard to verify every child entered into our database.  We have all of Mom and Dad’s info (address, email, etc), and we’ve got a picture of that child though some of the parents wish for those to remain private.  We want you to feel comfortable in giving to these families!

I don’t have Amazon Prime and I know that means free 2-day shipping.  Can somebody help with that?  Believe it or not, but we’ve got an excellent buddy system when it comes to Amazon PRIME.  If you find a PRIME eligible item you’d like to send to a child, let me know and I will help make that happen.

Can I send a child something that isn’t on their wishlist?  Maybe a Christmas card or a stocking?  Yes, but I’d have to speak with their parents first and put you in contact with them.  I cannot give out addresses for obvious safety reasons.

When will I receive my thank-you gift?  Only a few of the donations are being sent to me personally.  The rest of those are with the authors/bloggers/models who donated them, so I will be sure to get your information to give to the correct party.

Can I do anything else to help?  Yes!  We have a teespring campaign and a thunderclap campaign that I would love for you to share.  Sharing is caring. Tell your friends what’s going on and invite them over.

If I missed any questions you’d like answers to, please feel free to ask in the comments or contact me on facebook. 


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