NO!!!! The Author Edition.

I know I’m always talking about how we’re supposed to present ourselves in a professional way so I’ve created a visual for anyone who doesn’t understand what I mean.  Maybe it will help you.  Maybe it won’t.

#1. Someone posted a bad review about my book!  I’m going to comment back and tell them why they’re wrong!!!

#2. I’m gonna randomly friend other authors and immediately ask them to like my author page!

#3. That bad review left by such and such really ticks me off.  I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.

#4. I seriously despise that author.  I’m going to make a post so people know not to support her/him.

#5.  Well everybody else hates her so I’m going to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong and make her life hell.

#6. I know it’s none of my business but everybody else is joining the witch-hunt.  Where’s my pitchfork?!

#7.  I don’t know if she’s innocent or not, but I’m going to repost this so everybody knows she MIGHT be guilty.



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  1. LOL I ❤ this…especially the last one lol

  2. Yaaaaaas

    Although the gif for #6 won’t load. I am sad.

  3. Yes yes yes!!! To all of your no no no’s!!

  4. Sooooooo……it’s NO to all of them? Dang it!!! …….. Just kidding!! I totally agree!! Good job with the GIF’s!

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