Why you shouldn’t get tired of my RAoC and Giftapalooza ramblings.

I am aware that many people are probably tired of my posts about Random Acts of Christmas and Giftapalooza already, but you need to understand that I want to get the word out there for families in need.  A lot of people still haven’t heard about us and we will more than likely receive the same message we’ve gotten countless times three days before Christmas:

“I wish I had known about you all sooner.  We tried to get help through our local INSERT CHARITY NAME HERE, but their cutoff date was in October.”

That makes me feel so bad.  Like, dang.  That’s all I can say about it.

Each year we have hundreds of new families registering with us because something unexpected happened and they just couldn’t make Christmas happen.  That’s why RAoC exists in the first place.

We’ve had stories of parents being sick, laid off, dying tragically too soon, or simply not being able to make their paychecks last.

That’s why we exist.

We are the Christmas miracle a lot of families pray for and don’t really expect to receive.

I truly get it.  My posts become annoying and you may roll your eyes when you see one pop up, but I don’t want families in need to miss out on this.

RAoC opens up in a little over a month.


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