The Better Days: A Memory of Liam and Dimitri

WARNING: Proceed with extreme caution.  This is an event that took place before The Truth about Kadenburg.  Your feels will be stirred.  You will have an urge to hate the author–please don’t.  With that said, you may proceed.


“You’re fucking with me, right?”

Glancing at the red cloak in his grasp, Liam lifted his chocolate eyes to stare at the redheaded male and a grin spread across his lips.  “What? You don’t like it?”

“I think you’re being as corny as hell right now.” Dimitri rolled his eyes.

“Aw, come on! You’d be the hottest Little Red Riding Hood I’ve ever seen.  Just try it–”

“Hell no!” Dimitri laughed and took a step away from him, doing an about face and walking away from him.  “I’m not putting that on, Liam.”

“Pleaaase?” Liam followed after him, catching him by the back of his shirt as he tugged his boyfriend against his chest.  His arm slid around Dimitri’s torso and he nuzzled his nose against the side of his neck.  Breathing him in, he released a gentle chuckle.  “You’ll look so damn sexy.”

     “I’m not sure if you remember this or not, but Red Riding Hood is a girl.  Pretty sure you’re more than aware I have a dick.”

“Oh, I’m aware,” Liam smirked, kissing over his skin.  “But I don’t know what else we’re supposed to do for Halloween.”

“I tell you what,” Dimitri turned in his arms, tilting his head back slightly to meet his boyfriend’s gaze.  “How about you play Little Red Riding Hood and I’ll be the big bad wolf?  I mean, technically, I fit that role a little better.”

“Ah,” Liam quirked an eyebrow and ran his tongue over his bottom lip in thought.  “What if I want to be the big bad wolf for a change?”

They both snickered before Liam placed the cloak onto a nearby shelf.  They had been at this all afternoon.  Finding costumes for Halloween was not as easy as they thought it would be.

“I know we’re both versatile in more ways than one, babe, but you can’t take my wolfiness away from me.” Dimitri’s hands slipped into the back pockets of Liam’s jeans as they embraced one another affectionately.  They didn’t get enough alone time together.

     “I would never try to take your wolfiness away from you,” Liam promised.  “That’s one of your qualities I enjoy.”

“Funny that.” Dimitri leaned in to press a quick kiss against his mouth.

“Funny that.” Liam echoed, capturing Dimitri’s bottom lip between his teeth.  Their seemingly innocent kiss turned sensual as his small nips elicited a groan of desire from his wolf.  Liam pulled him closer and probed his lips apart with the tip of his tongue, delving in for a taste of spiciness he’d never find anywhere else.

“Damn, baby,” Dimitri pulled back after a few seconds.  “We’re in public, y’know?  There are little kids roaming about.”

“At twelve o’clock on a Monday?  I doubt it, Red.  There’s a thing called school.” Liam leaned in for another kiss.

“Mmm. Right. I wouldn’t know too much about that, now would I?” Dimitri asked before Liam’s mouth closed over his again.  He fisted the fabric of Liam’s shirt between his fingers and allowed his eyes to close.  God, he loved kissing him.

“We’re working on it, aren’t we?” Liam murmured once they broke apart again.  “Read that.” Liam nodded towards a bright orange sign hanging above one of the Halloween displays.

Dimitri followed his gaze and frowned.  “I don’t know…”

“Come on, you can do it,” Liam nudged his shoulder gently.  “We’ve been practicing this.  Just tell me what it says.”

Releasing a heavy sigh, Dimitri pursed his lips together.  His eyebrows furrowed in concentration as his eyes slowly swept over each letter.


“That’s right.” Liam said excitedly, lacing his fingers with Dimitri’s.  He squeezed his hand reassuringly.


“Special.  That’s good, baby! What’s the rest of it say?”

Dimitri felt the corner of his mouth twitch which meant he was already growing impatient.  He was ashamed that he couldn’t just look at something and read what it said at the drop of a hat; Liam had been a saint about it, thankfully.

“Buy one….get one….fuh…fuh-ruh…”

“You can do it,” Liam whispered, his lips dangerously close to Dimitri’s ear.  The heat of his sweet breath caused a shiver to run down the wolf’s spine.  “Just concentrate, Dim.  Take your time.”

“Fuh-ruh…eeee,” Dimitri blinked as the letters connected in his mind.  “Free?”


He felt his feet leave the floor as Liam picked him up, spinning him around like they’d just won the lottery or something.  Dimitri couldn’t help it that happiness gushed through his veins as Liam dusted kisses all over his face.

“See?  I told you!” Liam said excitedly, placing his feet back on the floor but keeping his arms locked around him.  “You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for, Red.  I knew you could do it.”

“You always say that,” Dimitri murmured as his face heated up.  Damn.  He wasn’t one to blush, but Liam had a way of getting under his skin like that.  He cleared his throat and lifted a hand to rub at the back of his neck.  “You have to say that.  You’re my mate.”

“I don’t have to say that,” Liam argued as his gaze softened.  “But I am your mate and don’t you forget it.”

“I won’t,” Dimitri leaned in to kiss those soft, warm lips, feeling the air leave his lungs as Liam began to kiss him back.  “You’re mine as I am yours.”

“Forever and for always,” Liam promised.  He brushed his fingertips over Dimitri’s jaw and smiled.  “Are you sure I can’t talk you into wearing the cloak?”

“Not a snowball’s chance in hell.” Dimitri grinned.

“Damn.  So close,” Liam sighed.  “All right.  Well, let’s break for some food, huh?  I’m starving.”

“When are you not?” Dimitri laughed and allowed his boyfriend to pull him out of the department store. The chilly September air immediately bit at him, but he wasn’t bothered by it.  Weather rarely bothered him these days, especially when he was with his mate.  Liam had a way of making him feel warm all the time.

“Hey, if you think I’m a pig then wait until you meet Lorcan, okay?” Liam glanced at him over his shoulder and Dimitri’s heart nearly lost its ability of beating.  Damn, he was beautiful.

“I can’t wait to meet him,” Dimitri replied.  “I can’t wait to meet your family.”

“I can’t wait for you to meet them either,” Liam stopped on the sidewalk and pulled Dimitri into himself again.  “They’re going to love you.  Just like me.”

Dimitri felt the threat of tears lingering in the back of his throat as they gazed into each other’s eyes.  How easy it was to get lost in those brown orbs.  He swallowed hard and nodded.  He hoped Liam’s family would love him in spite of their differences.  It’s all he could ever ask for.

“I do love you, Dimitri.” Liam whispered, resting his forehead against his boyfriend’s.

“And I love you,” Dimitri promised, closing his eyes.  “I’ll always love you.”

“Good,” Liam pulled away suddenly and tugged at his hand.  “Now come on.  I’m hungry and I need to find a Captain Shivers.  I know one has to exist around here, somewhere.”


The SONG that inspired it.

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©Copyright T.E. Ridener, 2014 


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