Update: Giftapalooza 2014

Well, that escalated quickly–and in the best way possible!

We are now up to 94 donations for Giftapalooza, 341 folks are attending, and I’m so happy I could shout it on the roof tops!

The reader and writer gift baskets I put together for two children in need have now turned into FOUR gift baskets, which means 4 kids who love to read and write will be receiving them!  The reader gift basket has been wiped out online and we only have 3 remaining items for the writer gift basket.

What are the gift baskets for?  During RAoC, I always offer up a special gift basket for an aspiring teen writer and an avid teen reader.  It’s just a part of me that I like to share and giving to a child who reminds me of myself when I was younger is a wonderful feeling.  This year I really, really wanted my ‘friendies’ to be involved, so I decided to post the wishlists and let them help me out.  You guys have been amazing about it. ❤

The remainder of the writer gift basket is HERE.

I’m ready to buy for a child in need now! Where do I find a wishlist?

Our youngsters will have their wishlists posted beginning on November 14th.  RAoC opens its doors on November 1st, so I really need to take a week or so to focus everything I have there.  It can get a little chaotic in the beginning, but I’d like to think our elves handle it fairly well. 🙂  Please be patient and I promise I’ll post a wishlist for a kiddo in need as soon as I can.

Where do I sign up to make sure I receive a thank-you gift?

There are two forms I need you to remember. THIS form is really, really important.  It’s going to help everyone out in the long run.

You need to bookmark THIS form if you plan to be an active Santa. (Gift more than one child)  Every time you purchase an item, this is where you’re going to post your information for that particular gift.  If you know the $$ total, it’s going to help me out SO much.  Screenshots *are* required for Giftapalooza just as they are for RAoC.  Besides, how can I keep up with how many gifts you’ve given to determine your prize if you don’t let me know? xx

How will you determine who the thank-you gifts go to?

This is something I’m still brainstorming on.  The goal of RAoC is to gift as many children as possible, so I may be setting up a point-based system on that.  No matter what though, anyone who gifts a child in need will receive an ebook for certain.  Please be patient as I figure out the rest of the details.  I’ll let you know something very soon.

AUTHORS/BLOGGERS/MODELS/ACTORS-there is still time to donate HERE.

I can’t wait for November 14th to arrive so we can share this magical experience together.  You’ve never seen anything like it before.  I promise.  xx


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