An Open Letter to Indie Authors

Dear Author,

I do not view you as my competition.  You are not a rival I need to beat.  I consider you to be my friend and I cheer you on every time I see your updates about a new book.

I will not be mean to you.  I will not try to thwart your success.  Sure, we all get a little green with envy when someone hits a list or gets an amazing review, but I will always cheer you on and be happy for you.  That happiness will always be genuine.

I know it is frustrating when you hit that dreaded creative wall.  You feel alone–you are not.  We all get to that point at one time or another, but please know I am always willing to help in any way I can.

I know it’s scary to take the leap into publishing, no matter if it’s self or traditional, please know I’m only a message away to cheer you on and answer questions to the best of my ability.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves and that’s okay.  It comes with the territory.  If you need a cheerleader, message me.

Getting noticed takes time.  Growing a fan base takes time.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you need something shared.  I don’t have a big fan base myself, but I’m willing to share that cover reveal or sale for you.

We’re not all ‘mean girls’ and this business doesn’t have to be cut throat.  Believe me when I say there are more readers than authors and we can all have a piece of the pie.

I wish you nothing but success.  I have faith in you.  I believe in you.  I’m here for you.

YES, you CAN write that book.  Don’t ever give up.

Keep writing and reach for the stars.

Your friend,

An Author Who Dares to Dream


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