Ridener’s Reviews: Paranormal Heat by G. Mallone

So first and foremost I have to send out an apology to G. Mallone.  Apparently Amazon won’t let me leave a review because they say we’re friends.  Stalker much? And why can’t I leave a review?  I leave reviews for everybody! GRRRR.

Anyway, so I had the pleasure of reading Paranormal Heat: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories.  I normally do not read erotica, but G’s is just so beautifully written and it touches your heart.  Yes, it’s spicy and sexy, but it’s also sweet and romantic.  I really, really enjoyed each story.

5 out of 5 stars

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This book of short stories is perfect for readers on-the-go. Varying from 8 to 15,000 words, Paranormal Heat contains three spicy stories with a paranormal twist. For readers 18+ due to graphic sexual content and strong language. NSFW.

MADNESS– Vincent finds himself in the same room as his beautiful wife and the handsome shifter he’s been having an affair with on the side one night. Will catastrophe follow or is there something more?

COUGAR’S HEAT– Beckham Marlow returns home for summer break from college and runs into his old babysitter. Allie Buchanan, recently widowed and harboring a secret, may make their reunion a little friendlier than originally anticipated. Cougars can be fun and somewhat naughty, but what happens when Beckham discovers Allie is the real deal?

CHAPTER FORTY-TWO– A twenty-something author decides he needs a change and moves halfway across the country in hopes of overcoming his writer’s block so he can finish the ultimate fantasy romance novel. Instead he inherits a pretty little blonde ghost who can’t seem to keep her hands off him. Most ghosts have an appetite for mischief, but Keegan Taylor’s ghost girl is hungry for him.


Three very delightful, sexy stories.  I loved the characters and while the stories are short I swear they were better than most full length novels I have read.  The only complaint I have is I REALLY want to know what happens between Beckham and Allie.  PLEASE say you’re writing a follow-up for them, G!

OH, and another favorite part? There’s also some M/M and something about the fact the scenes were written by a man made it 10000x hotter in my mind.  I’d love to see more of that, but that’s probably just a personal preference.

Keep writing, G.  I can’t wait to read more!


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  1. How does amazon know who your friends are?

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