Early Morning Ramblings

I honestly don’t know why I’ve been awake since 4 AM, but I think it’s going to be a long day.


Sweet offer, Lydia, but coffee could very well kill me right now.  Maybe later?

Okay, so I got the edits back for 90 Days yesterday and got those finished in about 4 hours or so.  I love my editor, not only for correcting my terrible writing, but for the little comments she leaves on my manuscript before it makes its way back to me.

“Awwwweeeeee.”  “SON OF A BITCH.” <— This happens often.

After the edits were done and we had a chuckle, I fixed up a few things that didn’t make a lot of sense (hopefully they do now), and then I sent out ARCs to the people who kinda really love my writing and I’m kinda really super grateful to them for that.

Hopefully I’ll start hearing some feedback today.

As I’v said before, 90 Days really threw me for a loop because it switched so quickly from the sweetness and butterflies I’m accustomed to and somehow turned into OMG! WTF?! DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?

I really do hope people will bear with me on this one. (Hehe. Bear.)

But I also like to think these are things that need to happen from time to time.  You have an idea to go one way, but then your characters sort of just snicker at you and ruin everything.

All for the better.  I think.

If you think you’re in control, you’re wrong.

I’ve been writing on The Lost Days, which is book 3 of the series.  I’m really hoping I can stay focused and get it finished and *then* maybe work on something I’ve been neglecting for a while.

17 WIPs, hello? 3 of those are the final books in particular series and dang it, I’m not ready to say goodbye.  You can’t make me. I refuse.

Except that’s not actually the case.  I’m just struggling with where to go, what to do, selecting who dies….

That last part is a joke.  Kind of.

What was I saying?


Right. That happens a lot.

Anyway, I’m basically rambling (as the title says), so I’m going to shut up.

But before I go, I want to share two non-book/non-writing related things.


Please, please, please stop hurting my baby. Seriously, has she not gone through enough?  I can’t really blame the writers because we always look for ways to rip our babies apart before putting them back together, but I really need Lydia to not get hurt anymore.

Plus, there’s this big scary guy with glowing eyes who may whip some bootie if this continues.

(I kinda hope he does.)

Also, there is this movie I watched last night and it had me rolling with laughter.  If you have a chance, please check out What We Do In The Shadows.  It’s done like a documentary (Blair Witch Project, etc), and it’s about vampires.  Funny vampires. Vampire who are dorky but think they are cool, vampires.

Here is a gif!


If that doesn’t sell it to you, I don’t know what will.

Anyway, I’m gonna hush up now.

Have a wonderful day! ❤

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  1. I just cannot take Teen Wolf seriously. I can’t watch it without thinking about Michael J. Fox playing basketball, or the terrible sequel with Jason Bateman. I loved both movies, but the Saturday Morning cartoon was the best. Have you ever seen it? So much fun.

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