Just A Friendly Reminder…

If you’re anything like me, you have days when you just can’t write.  Whether it’s family stuff, work stuff, or brain stuff in general, you get discouraged because you didn’t manage to write much – or anything at all, maybe.

I just wanted to write this post to remind you the most important thing you can do, as a writer, is write.

If tomorrow night rolls around and you’ve only managed to write 100 words, I want you to do some simple math.

Or, if you’re not good with math (as some folks aren’t), I’ve done some math for you.  Ready?

Say you do write 100 words tomorrow, the next day, and the next.

Keep writing those 100 words a day.  Why?

100 x 30 = 3,000

That’s 3,000 words in a month!  Doesn’t seem like much though, does it?

Well, consider this:

3,000 x 12 = 36,000.

Again, it might not seem like much, but it really does add up.

Imagine if you take a few of those 100-word days and add them to some 500-word days.  Can you see it?

Here’s what it looks like if you write 500 words a day for a year.

500 x 30 = 15,000

15,000 x 12 = 180,000

That’s enough for a fantasy novel, right? Or maybe two separate lovey-dovey novels.

So mix-and-match those 100 and 500 days.  Don’t stress about it.

Be proud of those 100-word days.  The only way to fail at writing is not to write at all.

Just keep writing, okay?

Okay. x


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