Good Riddance, 2016

Dear 2016,

You have been a horrible year.  You came in like a wrecking ball, but not in an awesome way like the song.  No, you just had to destroy everything in your path and we, the people of this planet, have suffered.  I’m glad to see you go.  I can’t recall seeing too much ‘awesome’ happen since you arrived.  Adios.

This year hasn’t been the greatest for some people, myself included.  I have witnessed friends lose loved ones, struggle financially, and give up their dreams.  Once again, we have seen cruel acts unfold and innocents slaughtered.  There was this joke of an election that nobody wants to talk about (I sure don’t), and all we can do at this point is pray that 2017 will make up for how crappy this year has been.

So, with that said, I am officially declaring 2017 to be my year, your year, our year.

It’s been a rough one – I’m not going to lie.  I’ve seen so many hardships this year that I didn’t expect to see.  I’ve barely made it by the skin of my teeth.  Things have just been hard.

But next year will be better.

Christmastime is usually a time I adore with all my heart.  I breathe, eat, and sleep Christmas, but this year was such a no-go for me.  It kinda still is. :/

Giftapalooza has been my pride and joy since 2013.  We’ve helped so many families to have a good Christmas and it’s warmed my heart each and every single time, but there was just something about this year…

almost turned into a Grinch.  Between people not reading guidelines and following directions, to folks not sending the correct info I needed, to one incident in which 3 gifts were not enough and somebody just had to go elsewhere to ask for additional help. (Very selfish, by the way).

There was just so much going on and my poor little brain couldn’t take it this year.  I wanted to give up. I wanted to cry.

Heck, sometimes I still want to cry but that is so besides the point.

I’ve struggled to keep the Christmas blues from catching me.  So far, so good, but hey…there’s still time left for that, right?


Anyway, the point of this post is I’m happy to see 2016 go.

2017 better be amazeballs or I’m going to find the proper authorities to complain to.

I’m looking at you, Baby New Year.  Don’t let me down, kid.



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