My Ducks Went on Strike A Long Time Ago…

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2016 (Thank. God.) and I’ve been sitting here reminiscing about a lot of things that have happened this year.  I’ve also been opening up various documents to see which characters will talk to me now that Christmas is over.  Luckily, one of them did decide to speak and I’ve gotten in a whopping 2200 words in 24 hours.  For me, on most days, this is some serious progress.

I’d just like to say I am a hot mess, y’all.  I always say I’m going to get my ducks in a row and focus on one project at a time, but the truth is, that’s not me.  That’s not how I operate.

For the past 4 years, at least, I have had about 10 WIPs going at the same time.  I’ve written books in the span of 2 weeks and I’m still writing on some…four years later.

I don’t know why some stories come to me more easily than others.  It’s a mystery I can’t really solve.

I’ve had people message me before and say, “Focus on THIS one and forget the rest.”

But it’s not that easy.

If you’re a writer, you know about the voices.  (We’re not crazy!)

Some characters can be ever so demanding; they refuse to shut up until they’ve had a chance to say their piece.

And others, well, they’re pretty patient and they just hang out until you’re ready to write for them again.

It bounces back and forth for me.  Sometimes I get a good amount of words in on one and then…BAM. Radio silence.

Or, sometimes, on the really good days, I can write “THE END” and then go cry in a corner for a few minutes.

In 2014 I went a little crazy and published A LOT of books.  Most of those were from the Kadenburg series..which…still isn’t done.  I’d like to think it’s because I’m writing the final book and it’s really freaking hard to say goodbye.

This is the case for The Descendants and Blood Betrayal as well.

Writing the final book means there won’t be any more shenanigans with some of my beloved characters.

It’s like sending my kid off to college.  I’m delaying the inevitable.

BUT… I have been steadily writing on the final books in those series.

I just get distracted.  Or someone else’s voice becomes louder.

I have learned to accept that I am not like other writers.  And I hope that someone who reads this will understand no two writers are alike in this process.

There are those of us who can sit down and write for 8 hours a day and have a completed manuscript within a week or two.

And then there are those of us, like me, who spend nearly 4 years writing on the same few books, wishing to focus on only one…but that’s simply not how our brains operate.

So, I guess the point of this post is to tell you we’re all different.  We can’t all sit down and hammer out 10k words a day and finish a story in a timely manner.  Some of us prefer the chaos because it helps us manage our time better, in some twisted fashion.

You may be a WIP hopper and that’s totally fine.

Maybe you’ve got enough self-discipline to sit down and focus on ONE story until it’s complete:  I really admire you for that.

But one thing I want you to take with you into 2017 is this:

The way you write is completely normal, even if it’s not someone else’s definition of ‘normal’.

Just keep writing. That’s all that matters in the end.

Just. Keep. Writing.


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